What Career Should I Choose?

Compare the number of people employed and median salary for major occupations in the United States*

How to Use This Chart
  1. Click here to select the occupational categories you want to explore.
  2. The chart is separated into four quadrants by the dashed line. Hover over each quadrant for an explanation.
  3. To zoom in or out, use these buttons or your mouse scroll wheel. You can also click and drag the chart to move around.
  4. Hover over the hexagon icons for more information about each occupation.
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The color of the dots indicates expected growth or decline for each occupation in the selected categories by 2020:

  • Growing 30% or more
  • Growing 10% - 30%
  • Growing 0 - 10%
  • Declining
  • Occupations in non-selected categories

Hover over the dots for more information about each occupation. You can use the zoom function to make this easier.

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