50 Smartphone Apps for College Students


Today’s college students are busy. Many are working full time jobs and raising kids, while studying and attending classes. They may need an extra boost of organization in their lives. Help is on the way as emerging technology [smartphones] and their counterparts [apps] are keeping you prepared. Whether you need help with time management or keeping in touch with your family and friends, there’s an app that can assist you. To lend a hand with your daily to-do’s we have put together a list of 50 smartphone apps for college students, so you can be organized and not have to sweat the small stuff.


1. Evernote Peek

Did you run out of time to study before the next class of the day? Download this app for your iPad quick. Evernote Peek gives you the chance to study, flashcard style, with your Smart Cover as a help; if you don’t have a cover, the app creates one for you. Perfect!

Available on iOS® 

2. Graphing Calculator

Looking for a great calculator, but don’t want to pay the big bucks? This app gives you just that with its ability to quickly create plots, equations, graphs and more. Bonus; you can take screenshots of your work, so you can remember past equations or graphs at a moment’s notice.

Available on iOS + Windows® 

3. Wikipanion

Not sure where to begin your research for that next big paper? Although it’s not usually a reputable source for most instructors, this app can help you get a good start and introduce you to your subject matter expert to jump-start your research.

Available on iOS

4. Evernote

Do you need a place to track and keep notes from class?  This app will do that for you and more. Record voice memos, to-do lists and notes. You’re also able to access these when you’re on the go, if you can’t remember something that didn’t get written down. Additionally, find this app on your home computer and download it to your browser. How’s that for taking notes?

Available on iOS, Android®, Blackberry®, Windows® and WebOS®

5. Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus

Are you in need of a dictionary, but really don’t have the space in your bag or the money?  Take a look at this app for your dictionary and thesaurus needs. With this app, you have more than 200,000 dictionary definitions and the ability to search online or off.

Available on Android 

6. Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Need another option when it comes to app dictionaries? Check out this pick. With new and enhanced entries and definitions, your vocabulary might be top of the class.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows

7. SparkNotes

Did you forget to read the last couple of pages for class? Don’t fret. This app comes with study guides for several books and access to many more online. Read the study guide, summaries of a chapter and more in ten minutes or less – depending on how much you want to get out of the assigned reading.

Available on iOS + Android 

8. EasyBib

Need a quick fix on your latest paper’s citations? Download this app to build and manage your cited works. You can email your citations list or scan the barcode on the book to create a citation in APA, MLA or Chicago style. Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Available on iOS + Android


1. Mint

Are you looking for a resource to keep your financial tracking in order? This free financial tracking app provides a resource for you to look at all of your personal banking accounts while on-the-go. View your morning coffee purchase while looking to see if you have enough money for that accounting book you need for your next class. Track your expenses like rent, gas, car payments and food, and know when your bills are due with handy notifications.

Available on iOS + Android 

2. Dashlane

Dashlane is an app for people on the go who don’t want to keep a wallet and/or purse with them at all times. This app keeps your personal checking cards, credit cards and more all in one place along with the feature to keep and track all of your receipts in your phone. In addition, the maker of the app says your personal passwords will be safe with their built-in encryption software.

Available on iOS, Windows and Android 

3. Slice

Have you ever forgotten about that online order you purchased a few weeks back? Simplify your online shopping purchases with this handy app called Slice. It tracks your online purchases, orders, shipping and receipts all from your email account(s). Notifications let you know when that package will arrive, so you won’t forget another anniversary, birthday or even that textbook for your next class.

Available on iOS + Android



1. Spotify

Wishing you could stream your preferred artists’ new album from your phone? With this app, now you can. Share your favorites with friends, save the best songs to play again and create playlists. It’s like a jukebox on the go!

Available on iOS, Android, Symbian®, Windows and Blackberry

2. Pandora

Find your favorite personal radio station and play the music you want to hear while studying, driving to class or to work. Jump starts your playlist with typing in your favorite artist, genre, song and more, and the app will configure a station for you. Listening made easy.

Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Amazon 

3. iHeartRadio

Looking for a radio station to help you study? Find more than 1,500 live radio stations on this app that are also commercial free. Save your favorites, create a custom station and share your stations with friends.

Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 

4. SoundHound

Have you ever heard a great song while sitting in a bookstore or coffee shop studying, but you don’t know who it’s by? Download this app to identify the song and artist. Along with identification, you can find out more information about the artist, videos and much more. Happy listening!

Available on iOS, Android, Nokia® and Windows


1. iHomework

Looking for a streamlined process to keep your school to-do’s organized? This app does just that. iHomework helps you keep your course schedule, appointments, homework and more organized all in one place. With notifications for when your next assignment is due to when the final test is, you’ll be up-to-date on your next to-do.

Available on iOS

2. Wi-Fi Finder

Need a quiet place to study, but also need an Internet connection? Wi-Fi Finder is your new best friend. With its navigation built in to help you find the nearest Wi-Fi connection and with more than  650,000 locations in 144 countries worldwide, you’ll be able to study in peace in no time.

Available on iOS + Android

3. Studious

Get rid of your old planner and download this app because you’ll be able to track your daily class schedule, homework assignments and future exams. Have you ever forgotten to turn your phone off during class? No worries, this app will also silence your phone when you have scheduled classes.

Available on Android

4. Notability

Forgot to bring your pen and paper to class? The Notability app for the iPad is for note-taking, PDF annotation, typing and recording. In addition, you can add links and photos to your note-taking. The feature that’s really cool; tap a word from your notes and hear it said back to you in an instant.

Available on iOS 

5. Trello

Are you looking for a more organized approach to studying and collaborating with your peers? Cut down on the meetings for group projects and manage tasks with this great app. Organize the entire project from the beginning stages all the way to the final product.

Available on iOS + Android 

6. School Helper

Is your schedule packed with work, school, personal life and more? This app is here to assist you in making your schedule more structured. Keep track of your grades, homework, notes, exam times and more. With notifications and ability to add a widget on your home screen, your tasks will not be forgotten.

Available on Android 

7. Clear

Are you looking for a to-do list that will assist you with more than just organizing your college life, but also  help you to tackle your personal to-do list? Then this app is for you. It’s simple, clean and clear and should help you organize your busy life.

Available on iOS 

8. Any.Do

Are you in need of some help organizing your crazy schedule? This app helps you  remember everything you have to do. Set your to-do task, when you want to do it, and it will remind you with a notification that it’s due.

Available on iOS + Android 

9. TeuxDeux

Do you enjoy organizing and making to-do lists? This app allows you to set reminders and write down your to-do list.

Available on iOS 


1. Amazon Kindle®

Are you in the mood to read your favorite book, but don’t have the spare room in your bag? No worries; just download Kindle to your mobile phone and you can read your favorite book, magazine, newspaper, textbook and more. Technology is inspiring, isn’t it?

Available on iOS + Android 

2. Instapaper

Do you wish you had more time to read your favorite magazines and news sites? Save time and catch up on the latested news  on this app. You can save web pages, blogs, newspapers and magazines to read  after work or class, while you’re traveling home or while waiting in line.

Available on iOS + Android 

3. Pulse

Looking for an app that will bring all of your daily news together and save you time from your busy schedule? Check out the Pulse app. It brings all of your favorite blogs, magazines and newspapers together, so you can view quickly and share your favorite stories with people you know.

Available on iOS + Android 

4. Flipboard

Bring together your favorite world and local news channels in this cleverly presented app. In addition, you can connect your news within this app; Facebook, Instagram and more. All of your latest information will be presented in magazine news style.

Available on iOS + Android 

5. Zite

Ever wish you could control the media overload day to day ? Control your news now with this mobile app. It’s a personalized magazine with the information you want and every time you use it, it gets smarter.

Available on iOS, Android and Windows 


Social Media

1. Facebook

You’re part of the connected world, right? Facebook is the next step. Join millions of other users and your friends to keep in touch. You may be far from home or you may be right down the road, either way, this app keeps you in the loop with everyone.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Palm® and Blackberry

2. Twitter

Connecting with others is important and connecting with people in your field of study is even more important. Twitter can  help you connect with the people you look up to and value. “Favorite” tweets that are significant to you or tweet about what you’re learning in class with a #hashtag. For example; if you just created a fun new design, attach it to a tweet and write #design.

Available on iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and Nokia

3. Instagram

People love to share pictures and often times  they highlight your biggest accomplishments, like going back to school. Connect with your classmates and more, and share your story through this fun photo-sharing app. Smile, click, and flash!

Available on iOS + Android 

4. LinkedIn

Searching for your next big internship or job? Leverage your potential and show off the  talents your learning right now in your LinkedIn profile. This app will help you stay in touch with people you meet at networking events or when you’re chatting at the local coffee shop while on the go. Make those connections now and don’t forget to network.

Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows

5. Foursquare

Remember playing this game in grade school? Well, it has been updated for your mobile phone as an app. Find friends, partners, coworkers and places to study, eat and read at and be sure to check in because you’ll gain points and badges that you can show off.

Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Palm 

6. Pinterest

Organizing your favorite recipes for an after class dinner? Do you like to check out clothes to wear during your next big presentation? This app is the ultimate organizer for any hobby or interest. Happy pinning!

Available on iOS + Android 

7. YouTube

Trying to find a great place to store your recent instructors lecture or looking for a helpful tutorial for your next project? This app has millions of videos that may be able to help you. Check it out.

Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows


1. Dropbox

Are you looking for a way to keep your files on the go? With the Dropbox app, you can keep everything with you on your smartphone. From videos and audio to papers and notes, store them all here.

Available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Kindle Fire 

2. Google Drive

Are you a Google® user? Did you know all of your documents and files can be stored on your mobile device? Download the app for your phone and experience sharing and access to your files anywhere. You can also  edit and share with your friends.

Available on iOS + Android

3. Box

Need another option for online storage on your mobile device? Check out Box. With 10GB+Sync, this app makes it easy to access your files, share and stay connected to anyone you may being working with on a school project.

Available on iOS + Android

4. CloudOn

Interested in finding an app that allows you to access your office documents, dropbox and more? This app does just that. Keep your school papers, notes and  more in this cloud storage app, so you can be on the go and not miss a beat.

Available on iOS + Android

5. MegaCloud

Trying to find an app that stores your documents in the cloud? Save your files, sync and share with any computer or device instantly. Access everything on the go and make sharing easier.

Available on iOS + Android

6. Cloud Print

Do you have a file in the cloud storage app of your choice above, but are now looking for an easy way to print? You have found an app that will do just that. With Cloud Print, you can print your documents from your mobile device.

Available on Android



1. TripIt

TripIt keeps your travel itinerary in-tact. Your tickets, hotels, rental cars, places you want to see and restaurants you want to taste are all in one place. To add even more, TripIt includes maps for easy traveling along with weather forecast for  your next destination. So, whether you are traveling to your next class or getting ready to take your college graduation trip, you’ll have an app that is there for you.

Available on iOS, Android, Bla

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