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Florida Campuses Sport Shades of Color for Cancer Awareness

Walk into any Florida campus on a Wednesday throughout the months of August, September and October and you will find faculty, staff and students wearing shades of the same color to support and bring awareness to all different types of cancer. Tampa/Brandon Campus Director Staceyann Sinclair started the Colors of Cancer Awareness campaign on her campus three years ago, and now it's grown where all the Florida campuses are supporting the cause.

One Nation Under Alarm: United States School Security [Infographic]

Violence in schools in 2012 and 2013 has sparked a national debate on the safety of students and school security. Many may wonder, has anything changed? Have educational institutions nationwide put any new policies in place? Take a look at the below infographic to learn more about safety and security in our schools nationwide.

Infographic: Which Phobias in Children are More Common: Fictitious Monsters or Real-World Dangers?

Things that go thump in the night and the possibility of a zombie apocalypse may be a couple phobias in children, but you'd be surprised what else keeps your little ones awake at night. More than 6,000 children from 47 countries shared their real fears in a ChildFund Alliance Survey, and surprisingly, the survey found phobias in children was also caused by natural disaster, war, death and disease and violence.

Infographic: Millennial Entrepreneurship Ascending

With each new generation comes speculation about what they'll be like. Studies show the current generation, Millennials, are extremely interested in being their own boss and becoming an entrepreneur. Check out the below infographic to learn more about the millennial generation and why entrepreneurship may be their calling.

Rasmussen College Helps Flush Away Cancer

It's one thing to visit the toilet at work or school, but what if the toilet visited you? Dozens of students, faculty and staff at the Rasmussen College Tampa/Brandon campus were confronted by the unusual visitor in April 2013. To get rid of it, they had to pay $1 to help 'flush away cancer'.

How Going Back to School Has Made Me a Better Instructor

When people first heard that I had made the decision to go back to school to pursue an associate degree in professional nursing, almost everyone had an opinion about it. Most supported my decision with statements like "that's great", and "good for you", while others seemed perplexed by my choice, "But why? What made you decide to go back to school? You already have a Ph.D."

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