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How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile: 9 Expert Tips & Tricks

LinkedIn has become the premiere social networking site for professionals. We connected with professionals spanning several industries to identify some handy tips and tricks on leveraging this resource. Find out how to catch the eye of enticing employers!

Google Plus For Students

Are you on Google+. Students can utilize this amazing social media platform to gain an edge during their time in school and beyond.

3 Steps to Finding Your Dream Job Using Pinterest

Learn how Pinterest, the visual social network has to do with finding a job or changing careers. Pinterest is a great place to showcase your personal brand, find a job or be a catalyst for those of you looking for a career change.

Webinar: Build Your Personal Brand through Pinterest

With more than 70 million users to date, Pinterest is the hottest social network on the Internet. It grew from 48 million users to 70 million between February and July this year. And in 2012, it grew more than 150 percent in January alone.

33 Education Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following

We have compiled a list of 33 education Twitter accounts. These accounts showcase bloggers, government officials and organizations, schools and teachers who make up the world of education, and in-turn, should give you a great picture of what working in education is like.

Get Inspired: 10 Powerful Pinterest Users in Early Childhood Education

With more than 48 million users, virtual pin-board website Pinterest is a powerful player in the social media space. Women make up 80 percent of the membership on the social media site and, of that group, 50 percent have children. That said, it's safe to assume that Pinterest is a powerful player in social media circles and in the world of education.

Top 12 Nursing Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Do you use Facebook? Twitter? Other social media platforms? Chances are you do; the average American spends 6.9 hours per month on social media. While some of that time is well-spent, some of it is likely not. If you're not doing it efficiently, 6.9 hours is a lot of time to waste on social media. How could those sites work to make you more, rather than less, efficient? Following every nursing-related account on Twitter is likely impossible, but following the specific ones we list can help your prepare for your nursing career because they'll help you stay up-to-date on the news, and the latest developments and trends within the field.