Congratulations, Bloomington Campus Summer 2012 Graduates!

Graduates 2012

Congratulations to our 2011-2012 Rasmussen College graduates! Learn more about our graduation ceremony to honor this exciting milestone that marks a major accomplishment for our graduates on the path to a successful future!

View 2012 graduate profiles below:

School of Health Sciences

Elise Avieda - Medical Administration - Associate's

Erica Bemmels - Medical Assisting - Diploma

  • Evelyn Benitez-Hernandez - Massage Therapy - Associate's
Evelyn would like to thank Armando and Nikki for acknowledging how hard Eve has worked. Also, know that she would not be here without you and she loves you dearly. To the Rasmussen College staff; Evelyn wants to thank you for all your support through the good and difficult times. To her family and friends; thank you for all your support.
  • Misty Brady - Medical Administration - Associate's
Misty would like to thank her wonderful husband for all of his support, love, and encouragement through this journey, and would like to say thank you for believing in her! She would also like to thank her parents and siblings for their support! She loves you all!

Latrice Byrd - Pharmacy Technician - Associate's

  • Margarita Cherner - Medical Assisting - - Associate's
Margarita is a recently graduated Medical Assistant. She is 22 and has a passion for the medical field. She hopes to be working at the hospital in the near future.

Jill Cleveland - Health Information Technician - Associate's

Nancy Cutaia - Medical Administration - Associate's

Jodi Eggan - Health Information Technician - Associate's

  • Flor Farias - Medical Assisting - Associate's
Flor would like to thank her family and her husband, who gave their support during this long journey. Flor would also like to thank her teachers and everyone that kept her motivated to keep going. In the near future, she would like to further her education and seek a registered nurse degree.
  • Heather Froelich - Medical Assisting - Associate's
Heather is employed with Fairview clinics, working in pediatrics, and is going to continue her education by getting her registered nurse degree and would like keep working in pediatrics or work in an OB department. Heather would like to thank her family and close friends for the support during this journey.
  • Rhonwyn Grams - Health Information Technician - Associate's
Rhonwyn has more than a decade of experience working in Health Information Management, but with the help and direction of the Rasmussen College Bloomington campus staff and her program coordinator, Susan Rolling, she completed her Health Information Technology Associate's degree. She has since received a job promotion at Fairview Home Infusion.

Megan Husby - Medical Administration - Associate's

  • Tasha Joseph-Salden - Medical Assisting - Associate's
Tasha is currently employed as a Medical Assistant and plans to continue her education with a registered nurse degree at Rasmussen College. She would like to thank all the wonderful friends she made on campus, students, faculty, and staff who made this such a wonderful experience and provided her with the support to be successful.

Nicole Joshua - Medical Assisting - Associate's

Casandra Kiehn - Massage Therapy - Associate's

  • Jackie Klanchnik - Massage Therapy - Associate's
Jackie graduated from Desert Vista High School in 2010. From there, she went straight to Rasmussen College in Bloomington to obtain her Associate's degree. She will be returning to receive a degree in physical therapy assisting. Jackie would like to thank her Mom, Sister, Dad, Jake, Jenny, and Alyson.
  • Shaee Klement - Medical Assisting - Associate's
Shaee would like to thank her family, co-workers, and colleagues for supporting her during her second journey as an MA. She also would like to thank her teachers at Rasmussen College, especially Jennifer Eull for being patient and pushing her to succeed. She cannot wait to start her new career.

Benjamin Mattila - Medical Assisting - Diploma

  • Michelle Olson - Massage Therapy - Associate's
Michelle would like to thank her Mom, Dad, Megan, and Jeffrey for their support and encouragement throughout her schooling and after. She's excited to begin her career as a Massage Therapist and is excited to continue to learn and grow through new experiences and looks forward to a bright future.

Holly Ostlie - Massage Therapy - Associate's

  • Tina Pautsch - Medical Assisting - Diploma
Tina would like to thank, first and foremost, her partner, Kathleen, without whom this achievement may not even be possible; "Thank you my kitty." Mandy, Erica, Alison, and Ben: thank you. Tina is hoping to have a successful career one day as a medical assistant in the specialty of oncology.
  • Michelle Perks - Massage Therapy - Associate's
Michelle would like to thank her family for all the help and support they offered in earning her degree, all her classmates who have become friends, and a very special thank you to Terry Clements and Ellen Rowell, for making her experience in the massage program truly amazing!
  • Scott Petersen - Medical Assisting - Diploma
Scott has met and overcome several obstacles and challenges during his years at Rasmussen College, including breaks due to military obligations. Although his future career plans remain open, he is interested in using his education as a springboard into trauma centers, body modification, or education.
  • Lisa Sellner - Medical Administration - Associate's
Lisa would like to thank her family and friends for their support during her quest in attending Rasmussen College.

Marissa Sternke - Massage Therapy - Associate's

  • Alison Stulz - Medical Assisting - Associate's
Alison would like to first thank her family for the support that they have given her. Alison would also like to thank her classmates: "You poke me, I poke you, Right?" To the Rasmussen College staff: "Thank you for helping mold my dream into reality."

Kevin Tomford - Massage Therapy - Associate's

  • Linda Torres - Medical Administration - Associate's
Linda is very grateful for those that have made this dream possible; the support of her husband, Allan, daughters, Lauren and Christine, and the instructors at Rasmussen College that helped her pursue her dream of getting a degree. Studying at Rasmussen has broadened her skills and has empowered her with invaluable knowledge.

Denise Vondracek - Health Information Technician - Associate's

Tracy Welter - Health Information Technician - Associate's

  • Jesse Westin - Health Information Management - Bachelor's
Jesse would like to thank all of his family and friends for providing the emotional support that is needed while enrolled in college. He would also like to send a special thank you to his long-time girlfriend, Thy Van Ngo, and Scripps Health for educational and monetary purposes.

Anna Willems - Healthcare Management - Bachelor's

Shevonne Williams - Health Information Technician - Associate's

School of Business

Jennifer Barloon - Accounting - Associate's

Shaun Bauer - Business Management - Bachelor's

  • Renee Beilke - Accounting - Bachelor's
Renee would like to thank all her instructors for their commitment to teaching and guiding her through her learning process. She has now earned her Bachelor's degree and is planning to study for her CPA Certification.

Bo Bui - Accounting - Bachelor's

  • Karl Clark - Business Management - Business Administration - Bachelor's
Karl is the proud father to his daughter, Novilie Clark. He would like to thank his mother, Colleen, father, Glen, and sisters, Jen and Karen, for the love and support throughout his life. He would also like to thank Novilie for the inspiration and drive to return to college and complete his Bachelor's degree.
  • Jessica Doege - Business Management - Bachelor's
Jessica's dreams are coming true. She wants to thank all of her family and friends for supporting her through her college journey. She is looking forward to everything that stands in her future with all the wonderful people that surround her. She sends her love and gratefulness.
  • Allison Downer - Business Management - Associate's
Allison would like to thank her husband, Drew, for his continuous support of her education. Without him, she does not know whether or not she would have had the strength and courage to go back to school.
  • Shanda Dukes - Business Management - Bachelor's
Shanda would like to thank her family for encouraging and supporting her on the journey to complete her degree-especially her children, husband, and mom. She recently joined a new company and took the next step in her career, which would not have been possible without her education!
  • Paul Eddy - Business Management - Bachelor's
First and foremost, Paul would like to thank his loving wife, Becky, for her strength and encouragement. Paul would also like to thank his parents and his two brothers for their continued support while he sought to complete his Bachelor's degree.

David Feldt - Accounting - Associate's

  • Erica Gilmore - Business Management - Bachelor's
This is a very proud moment for Erica. She would like to thank her family for the motivation and support while in school and after. She would also like to thank Lisa Knox and Charity Morrow, and numerous other faculty members for all the help and support of the last three years: "You guys all rock!"

Joanna Hansen - Business Management - Bachelor's

  • Jenny Hauer - Office Management - - Associate's
Jenny wants to thank her parents and her brothers for supporting her while going back to school. She would also like to thank her boyfriend, Jimmy, for making sure she would get her homework done before they would go out. Jenny says she does not know what she would do without them.
  • Mariah Hofstad - Accounting - Associate's
Mariah would like to thank her parents for the constant support. She would also like to thank her grandparents for never giving up on her and always believing in her. Big thanks to all her friends.

Bernadette Holmes - Business Management - Associate's

  • Sara Howe - Business Management - Bachelor's
Sara plans to use this Bachelor's degree in her current career, as well as continue her education by obtaining a Master's degree in Business. While there have been many people that have influenced her along this journey, the person that she is truly thankful for in life is her dad.

Donald Hurst - Accounting - Associate's

David Katz - Accounting - Bachelor's

  • Sandra Lahti - Business Management - Bachelor's
Sandra is very excited to enter her new career field and feels that Rasmussen College has helped mold her into the business woman that she soon hopes to become. She wants to give a special thanks to Nancy Johnson for helping her believe in herself and helping her make it through.
  • Rachel Letendre - Business Management - Business Administration - Bachelor's
Rachel wants to thank her sons for motivation and her husband for teaching her to live fuller and supporting her education. She would like to thank her mother for demonstrating self actualization and its enhancement to motherhood and partnership. After a recent promotion, she anticipates becoming an HRIS Analyst this year.

Erick Linquist - Business Management - Business Administration - Bachelor's

Amy Martin - Business Management - Bachelor's

Tracy Maurer - Accounting - Bachelor's

  • April Meyer - Business Management - Associate's
April would like to thank all her friends and family for their support over the years. However, she would like to thank her husband the most; without his help and cooperation, she would have never been able to make it through the struggles and long hours.
  • Kevin Meyer - Business Management - Bachelor's
Kevin would like to extend his gratitude to his family, Jody Meyer, DeWayne Meyer, Greg Meyer, Laura Meyer, his close friends, and their families. He would also like to thank the Rasmussen College staff: Patty Sagert, Lamont Allen, Brooks Doherty, Kevin McDermott, Arif Altaf, Tracy Tepley, Dave Hansen, Kurt Schmidt, Seth Berg, Erin Peters, Travis Roseth, Rob Barry, and Cassie Sampson.
  • Arriel Miller - Business Management - Associate's
Arriel would like to thank her big brother for always having her back, and grandpa George to understand the meaning of life. She is thankful to her family for all the love and support they gave her-a special thank you to her best friend and her support system, her mom.

Christine Pardoen - Business Management - Business Administration - Bachelor's

Philip Pearson - Accounting - Associate's

  • Marie Schutte - Business Management - Associate's
Marie is graduating with a Business Management Associate's degree. She really enjoyed her time at Rasmussen College and would like to thank the faculty for all the help and support that she received. She would also like thank her family and boyfriend for all their kind advice and support.

Karen Stark - Accounting - Associate's

Angela Tucker - Business Management - Business Administration - Bachelor's

  • Claudia Ward - Accounting - Associate's
Claudia would like to thank all her boys for being truly wonderful, as their mom continued to work and go to school. She would also like to thank her parents for being supportive in her endeavors, and Brian, her significant other, for being right by her side.

Savannah Wroge - Business Management - Bachelor's

Trisha Zimmerman - Accounting - Bachelor's

School of Education

  • Leah Anderson - Early Childhood Education - Associate's
Leah would like to thank her instructors, friends, and family who have been a wonderful support system and sources of advice throughout her college career. Leah is currently employed as Lead Toddler Teacher at KinderCare Learning Centers. Her future plans include furthering her education toward an Elementary Education Bachelor's degree.
  • Sara Christianson - Early Childhood Education - Associate's
Sara would like to thank Gina (Sara's "Not Mom") who always helped shove her in the right direction. Sara's husband, Eric Christianson, has struggled along with her to help her balance work, school, and life. Ann Catlin, Sara's program advisor, who helped Sara understand things that she thought were "pointless."
  • Nicole Fleck - Early Childhood Education - Associate's
Nicole would like to thank all of her family and friends for helping her achieve this goal. Thank you to the team at Rasmussen College for helping me through this journey. She is looking forward to applying her knowledge to a classroom full of young minds.

Sharita Groce - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Emma Hindley - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Juliana Irungu - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Brandi Johnson - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

  • Alexandra Jung - Early Childhood Education - Associate's
Alex would like to thank her mother and Ann Catlin, for their support and guidance. She has had the privilege of working for Head Start, which is now opening the opportunity to go further in her education to get her Bachelor's degree.
  • Carrie Marsyla - Early Childhood Education - - Associate's
Carrie would like to thank Ann Catlin for helping her with her schooling and throughout her internship, for helping her teach her preschool-age children. She would like to thank her family for their support, as well as her son, Hayden. Rasmussen College has helped her with her dream to teach and inspire children.

Amber Noll - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Lisa Prentiss - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

  • Sujatha Rangadurai - Early Childhood Education - Associate's
Sujatha would like to thank her husband for giving her the strength to overcome anything. Thanks to her kids for being patient as she studied. Also, her mom-even though she is far away, she would like to thank her for giving constant encouragement and words of appreciation.

Audry Rossow - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

  • Krista Sweeney - Early Childhood Education - Associate's
Krista wants to thank Ann Catlin for talking her into trying campus classes when she was ready to give up half way through finishing a Certificate in Early Childhood Development. Ann was a really great teacher and Krista thanks you for everything!

Tianna Weiss - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

Nicole Will - Early Childhood Education - Associate's

School of Justice Studies

Bader Aden - Criminal Justice - Associate's

Christopher Allen - Justice Studies - Associate's

Korin Barta - Human Services - Associate's

  • Yurydia Beccera - Justice Studies - Associate's
Yurydia would like to thank her family and friends for coming today. She says it's hard to believe the moment she has worked so very hard for throughout the past two years is finally here. She is excited to graduate and move on to the next phase of her life.

Dana Bemmels - Paralegal - Associate's

Andrew Berg - Justice Studies - Associate's

  • David Culpepper - Law Enforcement - Associate's
David would like to thank his Mom and Dad for their support in his decision to go back to school; none of this would've been possible without them. He is looking forward to continuing on with his education, working toward his Bachelor's degree while pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Ryan Delie - Justice Studies - Associate's

Jesse Dukowitz - Justice Studies - Associate's

Jayme Fritz - Justice Studies - Associate's

Alex Garcia - Justice Studies - Associate's

  • Lisa Gottsman - Paralegal - Associate's
Lisa would like to extend a very special thank you to her son for supporting her and understanding the importance of continued education, along with a thank you to her family and friends for their support and encouragement throughout her educational career at Rasmussen College.

John Hollerud - Justice Studies - Associate's

Nathan Hook - Law Enforcement - Associate's

David Hooper - Law Enforcement - Associate's

  • Brandon Johnson - Law Enforcement - Associate's
Brandon is currently a Reserve Officer with Blaine Police Department. He plans on obtaining a Police Science Bachelor's degree in the near future. He would like to thank the Blaine Police Dept., Rasmussen College instructors, his family and friends, team Wolfpack from SKILLS Training, and a very special thanks to his uncle, Mike Bozell.

Dorothy Johnson - Paralegal - Associate's

Larissa Johnson - Law Enforcement - Certificate

Mark Knowles - Paralegal - Certificate

  • Anita Knowlton - Human Services - Associate's
Anita would like to thank the instructors, her family, and her husband for their patience while she was pursuing her education in human services. Anita would also like to thank Tom and Carol Knowlton for their continued encouragement and support.

Joseph Kutz - Law Enforcement - Associate's

Douglas Lundberg - Law Enforcement - Associate's

Clinton Matvick - Law Enforcement - Certificate

  • Alex Mccullough - Paralegal - Associate's
Alexandra wants to thank her fiance, Scott, who has been incredibly supportive; not a day has passed when he hasn't told her how proud he is of her. Her children, Jacob and Jacqueline, have also been encouraging, bragging to their friends that their mom went "back to school."
  • Larry Monskey - Law Enforcement - Associate's
Larry would like to thank the instructors at Rasmussen College, especially Jason Weber at the Bloomington campus. He would like to thank the Robbinsdale Police Department and the Mall of America Security Department. Most importantly, Larry would like to thank his wife, Anna; thank you for supporting him during his education.
  • Maija Neuman - Paralegal - Associate's
Maija would like to thank her friends and family, and most of all, her wonderful husband for being supportive over the past two years while she was in school. She is currently working toward her Bachelor's degree in Paralegal and intends to pursue a career in that field.

Nichole Olson - Justice Studies - Associate's

  • Jessica Palmehn - Human Services - Associate's
With the support of her family, Jesi completed her Associate's degree within a year of graduating high school. She is continuing her education to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Social Work. She would like to especially acknowledge her best friend, Deddo, for encouraging her throughout the years.

Joann Roerig - Justice Studies - Associate's

  • Kelle Romstad - Justice Studies - Associate's
The people that really made it the most interesting journey for Kelle were her instructors, not to mention the eldest sibling that carried her through the rough roads that were faced. She has the intentions to continue her education and obtain her Bachelor's degree in criminal justice.

Armando Sanchez - Law Enforcement - Associate's

James Scanlon - Justice Studies - Associate's

  • Jason Schmidt - Justice Studies - Associate's
Jason is grateful for the instructors he had throughout the course of his schooling-they were very insightful and influential. As for his career goals, he is looking forward to completing the necessary skills and training, first responder certification, POST certification, and obtaining a career in Law Enforcement.

Molyka Soun - Human Services - Associate's

Robin Theis - Paralegal - Associate's

  • Tracy Turner - Justice Studies - Associate's
Tracy would like to thank her family for their support throughout her educational journey. She could not have accomplished this without you.
  • Deanna Wangler - Human Services - Associate's
Deanna would like to extend a special thanks to Jason Weber and Cassie Sampson for their leadership and advisement. Deanna plans to continue her education at the University of Minnesota Duluth where she plans on earning her Bachelor's degree in Criminology with a Minor in Psychology.
  • Pamela Weidendorf - Human Services - Associate's
Pam would like to thank many people, but mainly her friends and God. Determination put her here and perseverance got her through. She says that all the wonderful teachers and mentors at Rasmussen College deserve recognition for their loyalty and help-they are a great bunch of people.

Stephanie Wermerskirchen - Law Enforcement - Associate's

Eric Zent - Justice Studies - Bachelor's

School of Technology and Design

Brian Combs - Information Systems Management - Associate's

Matthew Fanning - Information Systems Management - Associate's

Emily Ford - Multimedia Technologies - Associate's

  • Heather Garcia - Information Systems Management - Associate's
Heather would like to thank her wonderful family and friends who supported her the past three years. It was not easy, but she had tremendous help from her daughter, Makayla, which made it all possible. She couldn't have done it without her. Heather will continue toward her Bachelor's degree.

Benjamin Grotenhuis - Information Systems Management - Associate's

Danielle Halls - Multimedia Technologies - Associate's

Matt Hamilton - Information Systems Management - Associate's

  • Eric Hurley - Information Systems Management - Associate's
Throughout the course of Eric's education, he has had many obstacles, but he never gave up, and had the courage to move forward to make his dream come true.
  • William Jones - Information Systems Management - Associate's
William, with his wife Jennifer, started at Rasmussen College in 2009. As working adults, they've earned Associate's degrees with high honors and they have decided to continue their education in a Bachelor's program. William thanks all Rasmussen College staff, faculty, family, and friends, and a special thanks to his supportive wife, Jennifer.

Janna Lacugnato - Multimedia Technologies - Associate's

  • Michael Lenz - Information Systems Management - Associate's
Words cannot explain how thankful Michael is for all of the support he has received to allow him to achieve what he has. Michael would like to thank his family, friends, and co-workers for supporting him throughout his educational journey. He would like to thank you all for the support!

Jonathan Ricketts - Multimedia Technologies - Diploma

Ona Sill - Information Systems Management - Associate's

Jason Svela - Information Systems Management - Associate's

  • Jennifer Switzer - Information Systems Management - Associate's
Jennifer is proud to have earned her Associate's degree, maintaining a 4.0 GPA along the way, and is considering the Bachelor's program to enhance her Information Technology career. For their faith and support, Jennifer thanks her family and friends. For his inspiration and resolve, she thanks husband and fellow graduate, William.

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