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Save Money While Earning Your Degree

Many employers offer some level of tuition reimbursement to their employees. Whether your employer offers full or partial reimbursement, this valuable benefit can help you save money and reduce your student debt while you earn your degree. Check out the following tips to see how you can make the most of tuition reimbursement opportunities through your employer:

1. Talk to HR about tuition options through your employer, which may include:

  • Partnerships—your company may partner with a specific college that offers discounts
  • Direct Pay Tuition Assistance—there may be eligibility requirements, but this option means your employer pays for whichever college you attend
  • Tuition Reimbursement—you the student pay for college, but are reimbursed after by your company

2. Choose courses or a program that meets requirements set by your employer—they may require that your degree is applicable to your job.

3. Let your employer know the benefits of the program—what you will gain and how this will help your position in the company.

4. Prepare responses to your employer’s concerns (i.e., how will you balance school and work? How do you plan on using these acquired skills?).

5. Meet with your employer to go over the benefits—for both you and the company.

To learn more about how Rasmussen College can help you enjoy the benefits of tuition reimbursement, and educate you on your financial aid options fill out the form on the right.

Students in the RN to BSN Entrance Option program are not eligible for any discounts.

Rasmussen College Military Service Member Discount

Rasmussen College recognizes the duties of our heroes, and offers a tuition discount for all current and retired military personnel, as well as veterans, enrolling in a degree, Diploma, or Certificate program.

In order to qualify for the discount, all admission requirements must be completed.

In addition, the College will extend a tuition discount to the spouse and dependents, age 18-21, of any service member on active duty as outlined above.

Students in the RN to BSN Entrance Option program are not eligible for any discounts.

Work on Campus While Earning Your Degree

We have a wide range of work/study opportunities for current students at our campuses. This is a great way for current students to gain experience and earn money while taking courses.

If you are interested, contact the campus you plan to attend to see what opportunities are available.

Students in the RN to BSN Entrance Option program are not eligible for any discounts.

Affordable Higher Education Through Your Employer

At Rasmussen College, we work to support the goals of our corporate partners by providing their employees with a practical and affordable higher education that further develops their market-relevant skills and professional potential. From industry-specific degrees and customized corporate solutions to extensive flexibility and student support, our corporate partner students receive the education necessary to help their companies meet goals and improve the bottom line.

Students in the RN to BSN Entrance Option program are not eligible for any discounts.

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