Help Direct A Company's Future As A Human Resources Professional

HRWhile other employees busy themselves with the external outreach and operation, the human resources professional direct their attention to the internal structure of a company. These workers specialize in recruiting, screening, and hiring potential employees. These duties may also include directing training programs and orientations to help new staff members integrate themselves into a company's daily operations.

Recently, human resources employees have become more important in helping plan and strategize business-wide policies and maneuvers. Human resources workers also serve as envoys for their companies in attracting new talent and promoting the business as a whole. Here are some of the ways a degree in Business Management with specialization in Human resources can lead to career success.


An essential role in a human resources career is overseeing hiring within a company. Companies need the HR department to attract, recruit, motivate, and hold on to the best candidates. Traditionally, this process has involved sorting through applications, determining the necessary qualifications for a particular job, screening initial candidates, interviewing, and hiring new staff members.

HR employees act as company representatives explaining the benefits, structure, and mission of their organization. When they have found a suitable candidate, human resources staff members must then decide upon wages and working conditions that match with the company's employment guidelines.


Many HR professionals are charged with supporting new employee training. These introductory programs help familiarize new talent with the daily operations of a company, the supporting staff members, organizational structure, products, and duties of a particular role. These responsibilities can extend to existing employees as well. HR managers may coordinate seminars on new company policies or employee techniques to help improve productivity. Some human resources specialists also research new industry studies, trends, and findings and integrate that information into the company's policies.

Growth in HR

Human resources employees and managers are becoming some of the most valued members within the corporate world. As such, employment opportunities are expected to grow much faster than in other fields. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, HR employee positions should increase by 22 percent from 2008 to 2018.

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