Kendall is an Online Community Specialist at Collegis Education who oversees online communities on behalf of Rasmussen College. She has a passion for social media and enjoys motivating and encouraging former, current and future learners.

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5 Reasons You Should Join the 'RasLounge' Online Community Today!

There's a new social presence in town with over 5,000 registered users and they're all in the same boat you're in-they're students. This is a place that you can learn from others, gain support, make new friends, hear firsthand news and connect with others anytime, anywhere.

Get on the Fast Track to an Early Childhood Job

You love working with children, you enjoy planning out your day and writing your thoughts down on paper and, most of all, you take pride in your ability to teach others about different subjects. With qualities like this, you are already a step ahead of the game in becoming a teacher.

Beyond the Classroom: Alternative Careers for Teachers

Here's the situation. You're looking for a career where you can make meaningful relationships, a lasting contribution to the hearts and minds of generations to come and you want to work in education. But you don't want to be a teacher.

The Best Early Childhood Education Jobs for All Degree Holders

Something that is constantly on your mind is the career outlook for those with an education degree. Well, rest assured, the long-term outlook for teaching positions is pretty high across the board. But you're passionate about helping children develop into intelligent adults. So for you, the bigger question is this: What kinds of early childhood education jobs will be available after you earn your degree?

How to Gain the Experience You Need before Becoming a Teacher

You always planned on going back to college, but somehow life always got in the way. Now you have a full-time job, a family and extracurricular activities, and balancing all those life experiences is tricky. But you're not alone. A recent study shows that 83 percent of undergraduate students in Minnesota work while in college - and 78 percent of those students work at least 29 hours per week.

Expert Advice on Why You Should Work in Information Security ... NOW

Here's a scary fact: 92 percent of companies in 2012 found an intrusion by a third party in their databases. And without someone who is trained to monitor and react to these alerts, a company's confidential material can be walking out the door - or through a web of network cable, as the case may be - along with the intruder. This is just one reason why information security professionals are some of the most valuable employees in any organization.

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