Naomi McDonald is the Sr. Media Relations Manager for Rasmussen College. She is responsible for developing and growing media relations and helping to positively impact brand via content development.

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A Look at Information Technology Salaries

You've decided you want a career in information technology. The following video from the "What Should I Do with My Life" series takes a look at the salaries associated with the most common IT positions.

How to Choose an Information Technology Career

If you love working with computers and other forms of technology, you may want to consider choosing a career in Information Technology. Our "What Should I Do With My Life?" video helps you navigate the different Information Technology career possibilities.

How to Choose the Right Justice Studies Degree Programs

Now that you've narrowed down the Justice Studies career you would like to pursue, the next step is earning a degree. Depending on which area of the Justice Studies field you'd like to work in, there are numerous degree programs to help lay the educational foundation needed for this line of work.

What is SEO and Social Networking, and Why are They Important?

Most businesses know how to create word of mouth in the traditional sense. When you provide a superior product or service, people talk about it. Call it water-cooler conversation or chatting over coffee; traditional word of mouth spreads by people who trust each other talking about products, services or companies.

How Do You Become a Nurse?

Are you interested in a career in nursing? Check out our latest "What Should I Do With My Life" video to learn more about what personality characteristics are needed to become a nurse, and how to break into a career in this field.

Where Can You Work as a Nurse?

Are you wondering where you could work as a nurse? Check out our latest "What Should I Do With My Life" video to learn more about the future of nursing and its employment options.

How to Choose a Nursing School?

Are you interested in becoming a nurse? Check out our latest "What Should I Do With My Life" video to learn more about what you should be looking for when choosing a nursing school to enroll at to earn your degree.

From the U.S. to Haiti: One Nurse's Mission to Help the Poor

Some called it a case of wanderlust. Others called it a wild foolishness. However, Annie Brown is convinced it was fate that brought her to Haiti. Whatever the reasons, this Rasmussen College instructor has spent the past four years building a grassroots, humanitarian organization in the poorest country of the western world.

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