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Marketing vs. Management: How to Choose the Degree that Fits Your Future

There’s a lot to compare when making your decision: the classes you’ll take, the number of jobs out there and the work you’ll eventually be doing. We put together this side-by-side comparison of marketing versus management so you can determine which degree is the best fit for your future.

10 In-Demand Jobs You Could Land with a Marketing Degree

Marketing professionals participate in a variety of different tasks and have responsibilities that require a range of skills and knowledge. Because of that, the number of different jobs you can do with a market degree is quite impressive.

But Seriously, What Do Marketers Do?

Marketing is an expansive area of expertise that encompasses many different areas, skills and job descriptions. We connected with marketing pros to give you a sneak peek at three common types of marketing. Taking a closer look at these options will help you determine if this field is right for you.

21 Can't-Miss Marketing Terms, Acronyms & Abbreviations

The marketing industry is always evolving. The introduction of new techniques and technology means new terminology to learn as well. Learning the lingo and familiarizing yourself with the landscape ahead of time will help you become a confident and well-equipped marketing student.

How to Get Into Marketing: 3 Tips to Survive & Thrive

There are several paths you can take to become a marketing professional. But before you do, you'll need to prepare yourself with college coursework, understand the skills employers are seeking and gain some experience. Luckily, we explain each of these steps in detail.

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