Social Media Community Guidelines

Online Community Guidelines

Rasmussen University social media accounts are intended to provide information about our program offerings, campus locations and the Rasmussen University experience, as well as to encourage a positive place of community, conversation and connection for students, alumni, faculty, employees and the greater public.

The following community guidelines are here to help you understand what it means to be a member of the Rasmussen University community. They apply to all content posted, shared and uploaded to our social media accounts, including, but not limited to: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn®, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Yelp® and Google My Business.

The atmosphere of an online community is only as positive as the people who participate in it. In the spirit of learning, we encourage you to ask questions and contribute to our community in a constructive, helpful and/or informative manner.

When engaging with our social media accounts, we encourage the following:

  • This is a place for learning and communication. Stay on topic, be respectful and use common courtesy in your interactions.
  • Do not post personal, identifying or confidential information in a public online space.
  • Do not share content that is not owned by you; do not post others’ work or personal information unless you have first received their written permission.
  • Avoid posting content you know to be fraudulent.
  • Use your best judgment and think before you comment or post; remember to consider others’ feelings before your own.

Moderation and Posting Policy

The Rasmussen University social media accounts are public and are managed and moderated by the Rasmussen University Social Media Team. All comments, posts and messages are reviewed to ensure they comply with our policies.

We believe in honest, transparent conversation and the sharing of knowledge; however, we reserve the right to delete comments or posts that are considered to be abusive, inflammatory, contrary to our guidelines or otherwise inappropriate.

  • We will delete comments or posts that express information about Rasmussen University that is not true to fact. We also reserve the right to delete statements that express opinions when they also express information or experiences that are not true to fact.
  • Threatening, harassing, aggressive, derogatory, defamatory or libelous comments or posts will not be tolerated and will be deleted. This includes those directed toward Rasmussen University, individuals, groups, faculty or staff members. We take threats seriously and they will be investigated by law enforcement when appropriate.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. Comments or posts that contain hateful speech of any kind related to age, gender, race, religion, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability will be deleted.
  • Our social media accounts are not to be used to report phishing, spam or criminal activity. Suspicious emails and other activity should be reported to our Personal Support Center by contacting [email protected] or (866) 693-2211 for assistance. Unethical or illegal activities, including the posting of messages or links containing viruses or malware, will be removed and reported to the proper authorities.
    • If you have questions regarding phishing, job scams or other false communications, please visit our FAQ on this topic.
  • Rasmussen University reserves the right to ban or block any user from our accounts without prior written notice or consent for the violation of community policies.
  • Comments or posts deemed to be criminal in nature, or to instigate or imply violence toward oneself or another may be reported to authorities.
  • Profane, obscene, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate or offensive comments are not permitted. Posts containing explicit language or material, or links to such explicit material, will be deleted.
  • Academic dishonesty or other unethical or illegal activity is prohibited. Academic dishonesty can result in expulsion or revocation of bestowed honors.
  • Do not post content to promote or benefit your own personal brands or businesses. If any posts are not on topic, such solicitations will be deleted.
  • Don’t impersonate someone else. This includes creating a fake account or using an account other than your own to post messages.
  • We will remove identical posts by the same user or identical posts by a group of users. In the case of identical posts, we will leave the first post and delete any or all duplicates.
  • All terms of service and guidelines implemented by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yelp and Google Business must be followed.

Rasmussen University reserves the right to take any and all appropriate action if a user or users violate any of these online community guidelines. We reserve the right to remove posts or comments at any time without notice. We also reserve the right to change any of these terms at any time.

Please contact the Rasmussen University Social Media Team ([email protected]) with any questions.