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8 Healthcare IT Certifications That Will Impress Employers

You know obtaining a healthcare IT certification can help you advance your career, but there are so many options out there. How do you know which credential can help you on your particular career path? Learn more about eight in-demand options that'll catch employers' eyes.

6 Reasons for Becoming a Surgical Tech in 2019 and Beyond

Surgical technologists go by many titles: Surgical tech, operating room technician, scrub tech or surgical assistant. But regardless of what you call them, they all play an integral role on the operating room team. Learn about some appealing perks of playing this role.

5 Factors that Can Improve Patient Safety in Hospitals

Patient safety in hospitals has become a major focus of healthcare facilities recently, and there's a lot that goes into it. Join us as we take an in-depth look at what patient safety is and the factors that can help you protect the patients who come through your facility.

12 Things You Need to Know Before Working in a Pharmacy

To give you a sneak peek of what it’s really like working in a pharmacy, we compiled a master list of the top things you should know beforehand. This way, if you do decide to work in a pharmacy, whether as a pharmacy tech or pharmacist, you’ll know just what to expect.

5 Unique Surgical Tech Skills You Need to Succeed

Surgical techs play a unique, hands-on role in the medical field and the skills needed to succeed are just as unique. The usual descriptors like "team-player" and "dedicated" are all great to have, but these five skills identified by surgical techs will help you stand out.

What Does a Medical Lab Technician Do? (A Closer Look)

It’s important to know that not all healthcare careers involve direct patient care. There are in-demand opportunities in the field that allow you to work behind-the-scenes while still having a positive impact on people’s health. Becoming a medical lab tech (MLT) is one of those opportunities. Learn more about what it entails.

Customer Service Skills in Healthcare: Why They Matter

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, healthcare facilities are forced to rethink their approach to patient satisfaction. This is great news for anyone who has polished their customer service skills and is looking to get started in the healthcare field. Find out why!