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Your journey likely hasn’t been a straight line. Continuing your education while hurdling over responsibilities, hardship or exciting opportunities is all part of your unique story to tell. Stories are powerful—you never know whom you will inspire. Are you ready to see extraordinary alumni stories? Or maybe share your own?

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First-Generation Student and Single Father Graduates with Honors

As a first-generation student, David Plowman felt pressure to succeed and a fear that he never would. Despite the challenges, he proved that small steps can lead to big accomplishments.

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Rasmussen Graduate Writes Children’s Book

From a refugee camp in the Philippines to Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Thuba Nguyen’s life has followed a remarkable path. In her touching children’s story, she uses her life experience and ECE expertise to illustrate the value of a father–daughter bond.

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A Story of Unforgettable Confidence

"I’m the first person in my family to graduate from college... It changed my life. I’m in a completely different place than I was before I started."

– Tola O.
Graduate, Health and Wellness Bachelor’s Degree

Tola O. A Story of Unforgettable Confidence

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I started college when I was young, freshly a parent and I wasn't able to finish. And it had always been my goal to finish college with a degree.

I have five daughters and it was always really important for me, for them to see me finish what I started. Rasmussen offered me the ability to have a more flexible schedule, to be able to do online classes. Somebody was always there to know exactly where I was going with my program and be able to help me enroll and help me get everything that I needed. It was seamless.

My ultimate goal has always been to be a wellness coach. So I chose to get a bachelor of science degree in health and wellness.

I'm the first person in my family to graduate from college. Not only did I graduate, I graduated with honors. It changed my life. I'm in a completely different place than I was before I started Rasmussen.

If you're an older learner, go to college. It's not too late. There's no age limit. It is never going to be the right time. You are never gonna have the right funds, the right money, the right job. But Rasmussen can be the right choice. Where I came from—a poor mother—I had nothing. Now I have something.

Because I have a supportive wife, I have a supportive family and I went to school—and I finished. It's literally the only reason.

And if I could tell somebody <laugh> and make them understand how important it is—it's really important.

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2022 Graduation Photo Contest Winners

Graduate with Dean at Graduation

“First Degree!” —Nashalie N.

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“I did it! For my family, for my grandpa and to represent my roots!” —Aldeika V.

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“eaRNed it, #2022RasGrad” —Celina T.

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“Dream, Sparkle & Shine” —Baylee L.

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“Pinning Ceremony” —Jaymie H.