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Nurse Life: 27 Surefire Signs You Live in Scrubs

How can you tell if someone is a nurse? Sure, the scrubs are good giveaway. But there are a few other telltale signs of a nursing professional. Check out this list of real-life scenarios that every nurse can relate to.

The Vital Nursing Skills You’ll Need to Grow a Healthy Career

When it comes to nursing skills, there's some need-to-haves and there's some nice-to-haves. Whether you’ve acquired some already, or will add them to your arsenal while enrolled in a nursing program, here's what you'll need to launch a successful nursing career.

8 Things Employers LOVE to See on a Nursing Resume

You're on a mission to make sure your nursing resume will win the attention of potential employers. Since that little piece of paper is such a vital component to landing the job you want, we asked nurses and the professionals who hire them to share what they love to see on a nursing resume.

Advocacy in Nursing: 5 Ways to Support Your Patients

Patient advocacy in nursing is a big part of your job, but it’s not always something you know how to do as soon as you pass the NCLEX. We talked to veteran nurses to bring you expert tips for being the advocate your patients need in their most vulnerable moments.

How to Become a Registered Nurse: Your 4-Step Guide

Knowing how to become a registered nurse (RN) is the first step in fulfilling your career aspirations. This guide will help you figure out each step you need to take so you can earn your degree faster and begin the RN career you’re seeking.

Is a BSN the Key to Nursing Leadership and Management Positions?

With so many healthcare institutions pushing for more BSN nurses, many are wondering if nursing leadership and management positions are only going to be accessible for nurses holding a BSN. We asked experts in nursing to share their insights to help inform you about the best way to achieve your career goals.