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Accelerated Marketing Bachelor's Degree Course List

Major and Core Courses

Upper Division

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Business Project Management
  • Organizational Behavior Analysis
  • Introduction to Marketing Design
  • Foundations of Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing Law and Ethics
  • Strategic Sales and Sales Management
  • Search Engine Optimization and Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Communications
  • Advanced Marketing Strategies
  • Marketing Bachelor Capstone
  • Principles of Supply Chain

In this course, students will learn about how consumers act and what factors influence those actions. Topics include the individual makeup of consumers, such as their personality or lifestyle, and the influencing factors around them, such as their peers or social expectations. Students will examine the consumer decision-making process and learn how businesses can utilize it in order to be more successful.


Course ID: GEB 3275
Credits: 4

This course provides students with the essential elements and foundational standards used to manage projects, programs and portfolios in any organization. Students will develop project scope and scheduling skills as well as assess program bidding and proposal processes. They will evaluate the impact of scope definition, and explore how to manage teams, expectations and project stakeholders.


Course ID: GEB 3422
Credits: 4

This course is designed to explore human behavior in work settings from an interdisciplinary perspective. The following topics will be studied and analyzed from a management perspective: organizational structure, leadership, power, conflict management, individual and group dynamics, motivation, morale, and communication.


Course ID: MAN 4240
Credits: 4

This course is the study of marketing design and the important role it plays in providing an introduction to basic design concepts for the marketing messages. It focuses on the different design concepts and techniques used in the creation of the marketing message to the customer. Topics covered include hierarchical typographical, color psychology, and other design concepts to communicate the client message. This course prepares students to apply fundamental design concepts to marketing messages.


Course ID: MAR 3033
Credits: 3

This course introduces students to basic concepts related to digital marketing. They will investigate major digital marketing platforms all while identifying its role in today's business environment. By the end of the course, students will be able to outline the steps for creating a cross platform digital marketing plan that presents a consistent brand message.


Course ID: MAR 3128
Credits: 4

This course is the study of marketing research and the important role it plays in providing useful information to make marketing decisions. It focuses on different research methodologies and their roles in meeting research goals and objectives. Topics covered include the marketing research process, qualitative and quantitative research methods, consumer and market trends, and the analysis of research findings. This course prepares students to synthesize research and apply customer insights to marketing decisions.


Course ID: MAR 3250
Credits: 3

This course is the study of legal and ethical issues in marketing. It focuses on the distinction between law and ethics and the importance of considering both when making marketing decisions. Topics covered include legal and regulatory compliance, methods to minimize stakeholder risk, ethical values and best practices, and the application of legal and ethical considerations to real-life marketing decisions. This course prepares students to comply with legal requirements and manage ethical grey areas that may arise in a career in marketing.


Course ID: MAR 3322
Credits: 4

This course is the study of strategic sales and effective sales management of both B2C sales and B2B sales. It exposes students to the value of consultative selling rather than the more common and traditional transactional selling. The focus is on strategic partnering and building long-term relationships. Students will be exposed to B2C and B2B channels to effectively diagnose challenges hindering their customer’s success and developing solutions to fulfill customer needs. This course will prepare students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to focus on target consumers in relevant ways and to gain competitive advantage.


Course ID: MAR 3592
Credits: 4

In this course, students will learn about the history of search engine optimization (SEO), the evolution of SEO, and the three basic stages of getting long-form blog content to rank in organic search engines. Application of keyword strategies, local and off page SEO techniques, developing an account structure, and defining success metrics are examined. Students will also gain hands-on experience developing and optimizing campaigns.


Course ID: MAR 3817
Credits: 4

This course allows students to learn best practices when communicating through multiple channels and with a range of audiences. Topics include the development of a brand, how to align communication methods with the brand, copywriting of key marketing plan components, and communication strategies to gain campaign approval. This course prepares students to plan and execute integrated marketing campaigns designed to support business goals through traditional and digital platforms.


Course ID: MAR 4065
Credits: 4

In this course, students will learn about advanced applications of marketing mix strategies in both domestic and international business environments. Topics include common internal resources and external trends that influence marketing decisions and organizational factors that can solidify strategic success.


Course ID: MAR 4171
Credits: 4

This course is the capstone course that culminates the Marketing Bachelor's Degree. It focuses on the application of marketing theories and concepts covered in previous courses. Topics covered include marketing plan development and implementation, the importance of aligning integrated marketing strategies with organizational goals, the application of marketing research, traditional and digital communication channels, and marketing metrics and analysis. This course prepares students to graduate with a realistic view of the types of business decisions marketing practitioners make on a daily basis. Students will also have the opportunity to explore a range of career options in the field of marketing.

Prerequisite:Expected to be the final upper-level course completed

Course ID: MAR 4920
Credits: 4

This course is the study of supply chain management from an operational, tactical, and strategic perspective within the organization. Topics will include the relationships and flows of materials, information, and resources. This course will provide students with the understanding of supply chain creating value, enhancing efficiencies, and satisfying customers through optimization.


Course ID: TRA 3086
Credits: 4

Choose One Specialization:

Digital Marketing Specialization

  • Web Analytics
  • Website Development for Businesses
  • Advanced Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Visual Marketing and Social Media

This course is the study of contemporary business analytics tools. It places a focus on determining the most appropriate product or technology for building data visualizations and dashboards. Topics include identifying analytical tools, highlighting various input and output data formats, identifying different types of data visualizations, and constructing business-oriented dashboards. This course will prepare students to be able to create data visualizations and dashboards based on provided business requirements.

Prerequisite:Marketing Bachelor's Degree: MAR 3128 Foundations of Digital Marketing
Business Management Bachelor's Degree - Business Analysis Specialization: Prerequisite: None
Computer Science Bachelor's Degree: CDA 3315C Fundamentals of Enterprise Architecture

Course ID: CIS 4836C
Credits: 4

In this course, students will become familiar with the technical knowledge of website development and publishing. Key areas include usability studies, information architecture design, and working with various technology tools to develop the website.

Prerequisite:MAR 3128 Foundations of Digital Marketing

Course ID: GEB 4230
Credits: 4

This course is an application of the concepts learned in Foundations of Digital Marketing. Students will employ real-world, digital marketing campaigns and understand the placement of each in the sales funnel. Students will also learn how to discern what digital marketing sources are worth following and, more importantly, how to avoid information that is incorrect or outdated.

Prerequisite:MAR 3128 Foundations of Digital Marketing

Course ID: MAR 4285
Credits: 4

This course introduces students to higher levels of social media strategy and execution. Topics include social media strategy and campaign development, incorporating the use of effective visual marketing, and addressing crisis communication plans through social media. This course prepares students to communicate with marketing stakeholders about the necessity of end-to-end consumer engagement in visual and social media initiatives.

Prerequisite:MAR 3128 Foundations of Digital Marketing

Course ID: MAR 4316
Credits: 4

Sales Management Specialization

  • Sales Force Management
  • Business Development and Customer Relations Management
  • Professional Selling
  • Sales Promotion, Analytics, and Forecasting

This course is the study of managing and leading a salesforce. It focuses on managing and leading both on-site and remote personnel by applying communication skills and the ability to develop relationships. Topics covered include qualities found in effective sales managers, integrating both managerial and leadership skills, embracing diversity, working with global teams, conflict management, and developing business acumen.

Prerequisite:MAR 3592 Strategic Sales and Sales Management

Course ID: MAN 4164
Credits: 4

This course is the study of tasks and processes used to identify and execute new areas of business. It focuses on cultivating partnerships, identifying new market opportunities for products and services, and increasing profitability by building strategic relationships. Topics include identifying new opportunities, cultivating and sustaining value added partnerships or other commercial relationships, and an overview of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This course prepares students with a working knowledge of current CRM platforms, and to successfully pursue a long-term growth strategy from customers, markets and relationships.

Prerequisite:MAR 3592 Strategic Sales and Sales Management

Course ID: MAN 4636
Credits: 4

This course is the study of the interpersonal value-added communication process within professional selling. It focuses on developing a framework for each point of contact a salesperson has with a customer. Each stage of the framework builds upon the previous step. Topics covered focus on relationships, products, customers, presentations and ethics. Topics also include an overview of certifications available for sales professionals. This course prepares students for successfully uncovering and satisfying the needs and wants of a prospect, while building and maintaining long-term relationships between both parties.

Prerequisite:MAR 3592 Strategic Sales and Sales Management

Course ID: MAN 4409
Credits: 4

This course is the study of short-term tactics to boost sales, increasing demand and visibility through sales promotions, and analyzing trends to predict future events. It focuses on creating value for the consumer and supporting organizational goals and objectives. Topics covered are measuring sales promotions, differentiating the characteristics of business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) channels, predictive analytics, and promotional demand forecasting. This course prepares students to attract more customers, drive value, and ethically maximize business results.

Prerequisite:MAR 3592 Strategic Sales and Sales Management

Course ID: MAR 4532
Credits: 4

General Education Courses

Upper Division

Communication (Select 1 Course)

Humanities (Select 2 Courses)

Math/Natural Sciences (Required Course)

  • Inferential Statistics and Analytics

In this course students will be introduced to statistical methods used for predictive analytics. They will continue to build on their previous statics knowledge while strengthening their abilities to analyze and solve real-life problems using statistical methods. Topics may include, but are not limited to, estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation and regression, chi-square tests, and analysis of variance.

Prerequisite:Passing grade in Developmental Education coursework or placement determined by Rasmussen College entrance placement exam

Course ID: STA 3215
Credits: 4

Social Sciences (Select 2 Courses)

Total Bachelor's Degree Credits

Transferred Lower Division Credits: 90

Upper Division General Education Credits: 24

Upper Division Major and Core Credits: 66

Total Upper Division Credits: 90

Total Degree Credits: 180

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