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Transferable Skills

The Foundation for Any Career

As a career-focused institution dedicated to meeting the evolving needs of our diverse communities, we empower our students through academic excellence. This means placing importance on learning both program-specific skills, or hard skills, as well as the transferable skills, or soft skills, employers are looking for. Transferable skills, or soft skills, are a set of essential abilities that transcend program or credential and position you for success as you develop and build your career. Every program at Rasmussen is built around these transferable skills which is just one more thing that will help you open the door to more opportunities.

We have developed dynamic curriculum to ensure students at all credential levels and in each program learn the skills that can transfer into their next degree level, next career move and even daily living. Transferable skills are essential in order to flourish in a 21st century world, academic setting and workplace.

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94% of recruiting professionals believe strong soft skills in a candidate outweigh years of experience when it comes to being promoted to leadership positions! 1


75% of recruiting professionals have cut an interview short because a candidate didn't demonstrate the soft skills they were seeking. 1


57% of business leaders say soft skills are more important than hard skills. 2

In Demand By Employers

Transferable Skills

  • Employers have identified these transferable skills as being essential in well-rounded employees. Such skills may also be known as essential skills, soft skills, general education skills or liberal arts education. You have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate each of these skills in course assignments that have been designed to replicate realistic workplace projects.

  • Communication

    Displaying capability in writing, reading and oral communication; understanding of nonverbal language.

  • Critical Thinking

    Improving thinking, including problem-solving and creativity, by applying intellectual standards such as clarity, precision, logic and reflection.

  • Digital Fluency

    Effectively employing and understanding digital tools to express ideas in appropriate contexts.

  • Diversity & Teamwork

    Demonstrating awareness and empathy while working collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

  • Ethics & Professional Responsibility

    Understanding and exhibiting principles of conduct and professional behavior that impact a greater good in the world and workplace; understanding and applying ethical and professional principles of conduct.

  • Information Literacy

    Recognizing when information is needed and possessing the ability to locate, evaluate and effectively use needed information.

56 certificate and degree programs include transferable skills development.

3 levels of transferable skills—intro, intermediate/application and mastery—that grow in complexity as you advance.

6 transferable skills integrated into every program.

"Employers are looking for these skills... There are rapid changes happening in the workforce and we have adapted to this change."

Matt Otremba
Director of Innovation and Transformation

Skills To Highlight On Resumes And In Interviews

Showcasing Your Abilities to Employers

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These specific transferable skills have been identified for each degree so students have examples to support skill competencies. Students have the opportunity to learn and demonstrate each transferable skill at two or more distinct points at each level of the curriculum. How you learn these is unique to your program. You may write a memo explaining a problem and how you propose solving it—showcasing your critical thinking. You may also have to record a presentation and submit it online—demonstrating your presentation skills as well as basic digital fluency.

Career services advisors can help you write or revise your resume to highlight these skills—and even help you portray yourself effectively to potential employers through mock interviews. 

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