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30 Blogs Every Student Needs In Their Reader

Say goodbye to endless library call card searches and hello to blogs. Blogs have taken the driver seat in the lives of students – providing a haven to socially connect and consume endless amounts of knowledge.

In a day where the Internet plays critical importance in education, it’s important that they know where blog resources can be most relevant and helpful as a student. This list spans a broad range of topics pertaining to students from wellness and organization to productivity, to technology and finance.



I think it is common knowledge that the likelihood of picking up bad habits in college is pretty high. Well, if you have Live Well UCSD on your reader, you may combat this pattern. This blog, which is hosted by the University of California-San Diego, is populated with informative tips, tricks, videos and quizzes related to intellectual, physical, occupational, emotional, social and environmental wellness in the college sphere. Blog posts with interactive videos on “10 Minute Fitness Exercises,” college-friendly recipes and wellness quizzes provide endless “best practices” for wellness during your college tenure.


If there’s any time in a person’s life to be concerned about health, it’s safe to say it’s during your college years with late nights, poor eating habits and germ-laden surroundings. Wellsphere delivers accurate, condition-specific information through their blog. This blog serves as a real-time WebMD, with posts such as, “7 Steps to Preventing Pain and Achieving Optimal Health” and “Recession Special: Free Answers From Doctors and Expert Patients Who Truly Care”. This blogger network has become the world’s number one community of health writers with more than 1800 active contributors, so it’s obvious why this blog should be included in every student’s reader.



Now that we are on the topic of wellness, Zen Habits is a perfect introduction to the next category of useful blogs: productivity. Zen Habits is all about simple productivity. Expect three powerful features a week on: productivity, simplicity, health & fitness, inspiration, penny-pinching, happiness, goals and other life topics. The blog excels at offering specific strategies to improve and simplify your life such as “8 Ways Doing Less Can Transform Your Work & Life” and “The Habit Change Cheatsheet: 29 Ways to Successfully Ingrain a Behavior.


Study Hacks is a blog about demystifying the tactics of straight “A” slackers with tips, case studies and feature articles that teach students how to succeed in school without burning out. The blog broaches tricky topics such as: “The Straight-A Method: How to Ace College Courses”, “4 Weeks to a 4.0: Streamline Your Notes” and “Should Your Major Be Your Passion?” and is hosted by smarty-pants MIT post-doctorate student, Cal Newport - whose knowledge about education is infinite.


Effective Time Management exposes why time is more important than money – and what you can do as a student to harness the power of streamlined productivity. The blog offers quick ways to define goals and effectively manage your schedule. Want to know what Richard Branson, Donald Trump and your future self have in common? Well read, “What Billionaires Know About Getting Things Done Fast”...and subscribe to this blog’s awesome RSS feed to find out.



The University Blog offers a powerful stream of content for college students. This UK blog aims to advise, inform, inspire and assist college students with writing study tips, human resource news and interviews. Expect a pool of posts ranging from: “Get ahead and become futureproof” and “Free EBook - Fresher Success” and other topics relating to harnessing your strengths to achieve academic success.

7) ABOUT.COM INTERSHIP BLOG: is a bit different then the aforementioned blogs, as it provides weekly internship posts from around the nation in addition to tips on scoring your dream internship and even information about internships abroad. Some other notable posts include, “Career services is for First Year Students” and “Paid Internships Benefit Employers & Students.” This blog also provides a forum ( for students to participate in interactive conversation about internships.


As an emerging professional, LinkedIn can play a critical role in your professional success - and it is important to know how to utilize this mammoth professional networking site. With interactive content, videos and graphics - this blog really helps you learn the ins and outs of LinkedIn and the job world. The LinkedIn blog unveils insider information such as “LinkedIn Tip: Increase your chances of getting that job interview”, “Win new clients by optimizing your LinkedIn profile keywords” and “Why LinkedIn is High Octane Fuel for Job Searching” - all very useful content for the career-minded college student.



Lifehacker is a daily blog that offers tips and downloads for getting things done. The site—which is centered around personal productivity—recommends downloads, websites and shortcuts that help you work smarter and save time. With frequent posts (up to 18 a week) by Gawker Media writers, this weblog is a great resource to keep in your reader. Lifehacker is especially well–versed with technology and strives to teach their visitors how to get the most out of your digita; gadgets (for example: PwnageTool Jailbreaks iPhone 3.0 OS with 3G, 3GS, and iPod touch and Gadget and Gear Deals of the Day).


Have you discovered organizing? Well I haven’t reached my organizational Zen yet, but reading the Discovering Organizing blog certainly has helped. In addition to the blog feed packed with organizational tips for every silo of your life, this site offers free online organizing courses (



College Humor takes a 180 degree turn from productivity, but nonetheless is a chief blog for college students worldwide. College Humor stretches the boundaries of what is kosher, while all the while making people laugh. Catered for students, this blog is often the laughingstock of dorm rooms with funny videos, jokes and posts like “The Problem With Red Lightsabers” and “The Cycle of Chest Hair. ”


Move over, Marie Claire and Elle—Her Campus is taking over. Three Harvard University students recently created this unique blogspot where college women can discuss issues of love, campus life, fashion and health. The 20–plus contributors offer fresh and fun content for female co–eds on topics from shoes to sororities. Here are some examples of informative posts: How Technology Has Changed the “Game” of Dating and How to Deal with Roommate Money Spending Issues... Sorry guys—we are leaving you out on this one.


I think many people would argue that Facebook is the single–most important social website of your college career. Not only can you stay up to speed on social events, popular culture and “who is dating who”, but in the past few years Facebook has evolved into the newspaper of the millennium. The Facebook Blog works as a glorified user guide, with conglomeration of technology tips and current event posts, and is a great blog to keep on your reader.


Mashable is the ultimate social media guide with more than 5 million monthly page views. Founded in July 2005, Mashable is the largest and most popular blog that broaches the topic of social networking and Web 2.0. Besides relaying the latest news about MySpace, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, it's loaded with tips on enhancing your own social networking experience (for example, “Social Networking: Everyone is Doing it, All the Time” and “5 Ways to Share Your Social Media Identity”).



College is fun...Paying for college is not. But, with online resources such as The Financial Aid Blog on, approaching this subject can be a little easier to handle. This blog serves as a great utilitarian resource for college students, as it approaches topics like loan consolidation, government programs, credit score assessment and tips for reducing and repaying loans. also shares tens of thousands of pages of career–related articles, blogs, videos, podcasts, and other content—all useful for college students.

16) SCHOLARSHIPS.COM: has one goal: to help students find the money they need to get a college education. The website's mission of assisting students and their families in finding college scholarships is also reflected their blog. The blog provides handy information about student loans, scholarship search, financial aid and college costs—plus a scholarship search and financial aid tabs. If you are a cash–strapped college student (like most are) this blog is very valuable.


Another Scholarship–centric blog, the Financial Aid Blog encompasses a wealth of topics like: admissions, distance learning, federal loans, grants, loan forgiveness and repayment, and student debt. The blog is useful to college students because it stays up to speed on educational legislation and financial aid news by providing really detailed and easy–to–follow posts. Read up on topics such as When in Debt, Don’t Compound Your Problems and Student Loan Changes — Just What Exactly Is Congress Proposing? and you will undoubtedly make you more financially savvier than the person sitting next to you in lecture.


Now that we are on the topic of debt, let’s approach ways to eliminate debt as a college actually making money. College Startup is a blog about the internet, entrepreneurship and capitalizing on the huge potential capital that internet can provide. How To: Become a four figure blogger, Part 1 and My new blog acquisition - Going green are two examples of posts that teach you how to get rich with the internet. I’m all in!


19) COLLEGE WEB EDITOR: is an influential blog about the Web, marketing, and PR in higher education. Launched in February 2005, this niche blog now attracts more than 8,000 unique visitors per month and more than 1,300 readers by RSS feed.


As a student, it is critical to be well–briefed on both technology and current events—especially in educational sphere. The Chronicle of Higher Education blends technology and education with posts about technology, distance education, science & technology, publishing and the humanities.



Google once again proves that they have dipped their hands in every aspect of the World Wide Web. As an important resource for research, it is imperative that students become on the forefront of Google’s technology. The Google Student Blog unveils the inner workings of Google and how you can harness its power through tips and tricks like: “Just released: new version of Google SketchUp” and “Love school with Google Docs.”


Well—let me preface this by saying that I have a biased opinion this blog because I LOVE WRITING. Affinity aside, the blog (Confident Writing) essentially offers a real-time writing instructor to coach you through tough writing assignments, essays and dissertations that are very abundant in a college student’s life. This blog gets to the bottom of any kind of writing and offers posts such as “Essential Writing: Writing that Counts” and “Why Do People Choose to Use Long Words”? to reach your full writing potential as a college student.


Since papers account for much of your college grade, as a student it’s important to know how to write...The Education Writing Blog supplies endless amounts of information about writing like: how to write research papers, term papers, essays and dissertations. Expert writers and grammar experts manage this blog, so when subscribing to this RSS feed, think of it as hiring a (free) personal editor.


Remember English 101? Well if you don’t this blog needs to be on your reader. Best Writing Service offers the 411 on college writing, with posts like, What makes a good thesis? as well as bibliography tips and even essay editing. Even if you are not an English major, this blog will indisputably be helpful throughout your college career.


25) CAMPUS GROTTO: is a national college news website that covers a wide range of college–related topics, including student finance, study tips, college admission, college rankings, job advice and college life. In the last year, the blogspot has supplied over one million current and future college students with the latest college news, tips and advice.


If you are interested in getting your MBA, the Biz Dean Talks blog can serve as an invaluable resource. Learn about important leaders in the field such as the Dean of IE Business School and Tuck Business School or just help ease the journey through business school by searching through posts such as “100 Best iPhone Apps for Business Students” and “US Federal business school grants + Student loans by the numbers”.


Listen up distance learners—this one's for you. Elearners covers a spectrum of student–centric topics like: Advice about Online Education, Business & MBA and Jobs, Careers, and Salary. This feed especially appeals to adult learners with special sections for For Busy Parents and Thinking About Going Back To School.


College Times is a college blog made up of students and education aficionados. The weblog is a bona fide interactive newspaper for college students, with offbeat news and opinions, advice, tips and all kinds of appealing things related to college life. Packed with college student bloggers, College Times includes approaches subjects such as news, politics, society, entertainment, art and humor.


Social media experts, student has–beens and professors move over... This blog is authentic as it gets. Parker Jendrycki, a student at University of Illinois–Urbana chronicles the concerns of students with raw blog posts on college myths and clichés. Recent posts such as “25 College Admission Resources” coupled with dispelling myths of the woes of college underclassman provide reader–worthy content.


Swiss Business student, Arjun Muralidharan is the blogger behind the “The Productive Student” and his insights about personal productivity, academics, career searching, technology and various other topics that emerge in every college student’s life are really riveting. This blog it covers a breadth of information from careerist tips like “Crafting Your Perfect Student Resume” to practical topics like “10 Essentials for Your Student Bag”.

Allie Gray Freeland

Allie Gray is an Online Marketing Manager for Rasmussen College. In her position, she drives online promotion and content production for Rasmussen College School of Business, School of Technology and Design, and School of Nursing. Allie has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Minnesota.

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