14 Blogs Paralegal Students Need to Read

*Editor's note: This article was originally published on Dec. 10, 2010. It has since been updated to reflect information relevant to 2014. 


paralegal-blogs-for-studentsYou’ve likely discovered by now that there’s a lot that goes into keeping up with the pulse of a thriving career. From researching different paralegal programs to discovering leads for potential jobs—not to mention a host of obligations outside of your career like caring for your children and getting the bills paid on time—your slate probably feels pretty full right about now.

So how can you be sure to uncover the rest of that coveted industry info that you haven’t yet tapped into? Don’t worry—there are plenty of industry pros who have created an array of paralegal blogs with people like you in mind!

It can be difficult, though, to find what you’re looking for with thousands of paralegal blogs at your fingertips. To save you the trouble, we narrowed it down to a must-read list. So sit back and let some industry professionals teach you everything from résumé tips to how to locate that perfect paralegal job.

Let us introduce you to the 14 paralegal blogs you can’t miss in 2014:

Top paralegal blogs

1. AmPulse

Why follow? This site is a one-stop-shop for all things paralegal. AmPulse partners with various colleges and universities across the country to offer prospective paralegals resources to guide them through the process of entering the field. Head over to this blog to learn about the different types of degree programs, the various career options as a paralegal and to keep up with the latest legal news from around the world.

You can also follow AmPulse on Twitter.

2. Best Legal Assistant 

Why follow? The team at Best Legal Assistant dissects the process of landing a legal assisting job to better prepare readers for what lies ahead. They do so by posting poignant articles about on subjects spanning from which college courses you should take and how to build a strong repertoire of experience to what computer skills would benefit you professionally and how to land a killer internship.

You can also follow Best Legal Assistant on Twitter.

3. The California Litigator

Why follow? Californian paralegals, this blog is for you! The California Litigator provides professional insight into what it takes to become a paralegal in the golden state. But rest assured, there are plenty of resources that can benefit readers from all over the country. Articles tackle topics that any paralegal would find helpful such as how to manage a law office calendar, how to calculate important legal deadlines and the ethical guidelines to working in the industry.

You can also follow The California Litigator on Twitter.

4. Digital Paralegal Services

Why follow? This blog is unique in that it focuses on helping paralegals achieve success in a highly digital age. The folks behind Digital Paralegal Services are eager to share the wealth of wisdom they’ve acquired through years of professional experience. Peruse through the posts and you’ll learn about some essential items to add to your technology toolbox, how to master the use of electronic briefs, what it means to work as a virtual paralegal and so much more.

You can also follow Digital Paralegal Services on Twitter.

5. The Empowered Paralegal

Why follow? This site plays host to a discussion forum for current and future paralegals. It was originally established to produce a sense of professionalism among paralegals within the larger legal industry. It has since evolved to include a wide array of posts discussing regulation and licensing, education, social media presence within the field and even tips for stress management from professionals who have been there. You’ll also find plenty of book reviews and volunteer opportunities to help build up your knowledge and experience.

6. The Estrin Report

Why follow? The Estrin Report is a worthwhile resource for paralegals at all stages of their careers. You’ll find interviews with long-time professionals and newcomers alike, articles that unpack the various levels of certification for paralegals and posts that cover hot-topic issues like ageism in the work place and debunking myths about stress. The site’s articles are conversational in tone and are often laced with an air of humor, making them easy to digest for both rookies and pros.

You can also follow The Estrin Report on Twitter.

7. Law Actually

Why follow? A few things you can expect as you browse through the posts on Law Actually are consistency (usually a few posts per week), emoticons and plenty of sarcasm. If you’re looking to stay up-to-date on industry news and also enjoy a good laugh, this site is perfect for you! Topics range from the lack of legal safeguards in social media to the common grammatical faux pas that drive everyone crazy in the workplace. Throw in some heavy-handed issues like overriding objections and the legal stipulations of getting injured in a public place and you’re sure to find some articles that’ll keep you riveted.

You can also follow Law Actually on Twitter.

8. Lawyerist

Why follow? Lawyerist boasts a healthy balance of industry-specific articles and posts that are more personal in nature. You can learn about new law practice software, how to discern which clients to work with and even read interviews from people who have been practicing law for decades. You can also get advice on starting your own blog, managing your time more wisely and overcoming anxiety in the workplace. This site is an all-encompassing resource for paralegals that’s incredibly easy to navigate.

You can also follow Lawyerist on Twitter.

9. The Legal Intelligencer

Why follow? This site is chock full of relevant legal news from across the country. In one visit, you can learn the ins and outs of important cases that you may not have otherwise been aware of. Reading about these cases can provide you with a wealth of knowledge that is exceedingly important in the industry. The team at The Legal Intelligencer also offers some expert columns in which advice for young law professionals and legal ethics are discussed, among other topics.

You can also follow The Legal Intelligencer on Twitter.

10. Paralegal Blaw Blaw Blaw

Why follow? This blog was designed, as creator Lori Paul puts it, “to give paralegals some information to make their professional, and maybe even their personal, lives a little easier.” Paul has more than a decade of paralegal experience under her belt. She writes articles on topics like job outlook and salary information, while also shedding light on some often overlooked but pertinent topics such as violence against attorneys and weight discrimination in the court room. This site is also a great place to keep tabs on the happenings of high-profile cases from across the country.

You can also follow Paralegal Blaw Blaw Blaw on Twitter.

11. Paralegal Job Descriptions

Why follow? As the title suggests, this site is a hub for all of the info you’ll need to know about becoming a paralegal. The team behind Paralegal Job Descriptions will help you understand the details of the profession, covering everything from on-the-job duties and salary stats to the job outlook and suggestions for finding training in your area. You’re sure to find answers to many of your burning paralegal questions by sifting through this site.

You can also follow Paralegal Job Descriptions on Twitter.

12. The Paralegal Mentor

Why follow? This publication provides paralegals with a slew of simple strategies to increase success and satisfaction in the workplace. The Paralegal Mentor highlights a variety of resources to readers concerning ethics in the industry, suggestions for continuing education, guidelines on dealing with difficult clients and general organizational tips that will improve your efficiency on the job. As a bonus, you’ll even find a few recipes from the writer’s personal cookbook!

You can also follow The Paralegal Mentor on Twitter.

13. The Paralegal Society

Why follow? The Paralegal Society is run by a pack of paralegal pros who translate their personal experiences into helpful advice for paralegals of all career levels. They highlight the importance of mentorship not only by sharing their gleaned insight, but also by offering an interactive quality to their blog. The site features a “help line” option in which readers are encouraged to leave comments or ask questions to which the paralegal mentors will promptly respond.

You can also follow The Paralegal Society on Twitter.

14. The Researching Paralegal

Why follow? This blog is a platform for poignant research and articles relevant to the paralegal profession. Some posts are chock full of helpful links and resources pertaining to a particular legal topic. Others focus on topics like paralegal conduct guidelines and what it means to be technologically incompetent in today’s legal landscape. Fill in the blanks with important pieces of legal news and you’re bound to have a well-rounded experience while visiting The Researching Paralegal.

You can also follow The Researching Paralegal on Twitter.

Stay up to date

As you can see, it is possible to stay informed on all things paralegal without clocking the hours of research you might otherwise need. Be sure to bookmark this list to stay informed on important industry news and be sure to check in on your favorites weekly for regular tips and professional insight.


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