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Speaker 1:

My name is Carlos Salas. I was a salesperson for 22 years; I sold cars, electronic components, and I did loans, mortgages and HELOCs for a financial institution. The reason why I chose to become an RN is because my mother, she spent 30 days in an induced coma to try to fight Covid. Um, unfortunately, she lost the fight to it and passed away. During that time, the staff became part of my support system. Sometimes they would hug me when she was having tough days, and that meant a lot. They didn't know how important it is to have somebody there emotionally to support you.

Speaker 2:

Nursing is a career where you can find meaning and purpose for your life. It's a calling, it's a passion to care for another human being.

Speaker 1:

Rasmussen University has very inclusive and support environment, both the students and the staff. They will ask you what do you need help with? What can I help you with? Every ounce of support that you can get, either from the staff, the faculty or the students is extremely valuable.

Speaker 3:

Our commitment is to those who do go on scene or the ones who feel that they're invisible. We're committed to letting them see or hoping that we can open the door so that they can see that they are too destined for greatness.

Speaker 1:

If you are like me, with a lot of previous experience in a different field, what I can tell you is that it can be done. I have zero nursing experience prior to this, and here we are. I'm four months from graduating. My hope is to work at the ICU department, which is where my mom passed away way. If my mother was alive to see this, to see me become an RN, she would be—sorry.

If my mother was alive to see me become an RN, she would be extremely proud that I was able to accomplish this.

Are you ready to face an extremely challenging and rewarding program?

Speaker 4:

Are you ready for the most amazing career?

Speaker 2:

Are you ready to be a nurse?

Carlos S.


“I lost my mother during COVID, and the nurses that treated my mother become part of my support system, and they really changed how I look at nursing. That’s when I decided I wanted to pay it forward.”

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