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What Is a Webmaster and Do They Still Exist?

Companies used to hire webmasters to handle all of their website needs. But does this role still exist today? How has it evolved to fit today's digital economy? Hear what the experts have to say!

How Hard Is Computer Science? Your FAQs Answered

Would computer science be hard to learn? Is it even worth learning? Is it the right career path for you? We spoke with a handful of tech experts who were once asking the same questions. Keep reading to see what they reveal about your most pressing computer science FAQs.

18 Computer Careers for Self-Proclaimed ‘Tech Geeks’

If you're a proud computer nerd, we've got some great news for you: There are jobs for people like you everywhere! Today's digital economy offers opportunities for tech pros in virtually every industry. Check out 20 options that might pique your interest.