Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct for Educational Loans

The Higher Education Act (HEA) requires colleges to develop, administer and enforce a code of conduct in governing education loan activities. Such activities are associated to any loan made, insured or guaranteed under the Federal Direct Loan (FDL) program or any other private educational loan. A private loan is not written under the Title IV provisions of the HEA and is issued to a borrower for postsecondary educational expenses, regardless of whether the loan is provided through the institution or from the lender directly to the borrower. All employees of Rasmussen University must comply with this written code of conduct. The policy will be reviewed and updated annually.


Any officer, employee or agent of Rasmussen University employed in Student Financial Services or who has responsibilities with respect to educational loans must not solicit or accept ANY gift from a private educational loan lender, servicer or guarantor. A gift is described as a gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, hospitality, loan or any other item having monetary value of more than a nominal amount (although this amount is undefined in federal law or the ED regulations, Rasmussen University defines this amount as $10). Examples of permissible gifts include, but are not limited to, small office supplies such as pens, notebooks, rulers, calculators and other small office supply items. Employees are exempt from the solicitation rule only if the gifts in question above the limit are also being offered to the general public in a setting such as a conference.


Rasmussen University will not accept philanthropic contributions from a lender, lender servicer or guarantor that are related to the educational loans provided by the lender, lender servicer or guarantor to Rasmussen University or that are made in exchange for any advantage related to educational loans.

Advisory Councils/Board of Directors

A Rasmussen University officer, employee or agent who is employed in Student Financial Services or who otherwise has direct responsibilities with respect to educational loans will not serve on or otherwise participate in an advisory council or Board of Directors established by any lender, a group of lenders or a lender’s affiliate. In addition, Rasmussen University will not permit a lender’s or guarantor’s employee or agent to be identified as an employee, representative or agent of the University.

Consulting, Contractual and Revenue Sharing Arrangement

Any officer, employee or agent of Rasmussen University that is employed in Student Financial Services or who has direct responsibilities with respect to educational loans will not accept from any lender or its affiliate any fee, payment or other financial benefit as compensation for any type of consulting arrangement or other contract to provide services to or on behalf of the lender. This includes the opportunity to purchase stock on any venue other than free market terms. In addition, Rasmussen officers, employees or agents will not solicit or accept a fee, revenue or profit sharing or other materials in exchange for Rasmussen University recommending the lender or its products.

Loan Counseling

Rasmussen University may request and accept assistance from a lender or guarantor in conducting in-person entrance and exit loan counseling as long as the staff of the University is in control of the counseling and the lender/guarantor does not promote a specific lender’s products or services. A guarantor may promote benefits under other federal and state programs that the guarantor administers. Rasmussen University may request and use materials, presentation or online loan counseling resources, but the materials must disclose the identity of the entity and must not promote their specific products.

Opportunity Pools and Loans Cost Payment Prohibition

An opportunity pool means an educational loan made by a private lender to a borrower that Rasmussen University guarantees in any manner or that involves Rasmussen directly or indirectly paying points, premiums, payments, additional interest or other financial support to the lender for the purpose of that lender extending credit to the borrower. Rasmussen University will not solicit or accept from any lender any opportunity pool to be used for private educational loans in exchange for concessions or promises to the lender that Rasmussen will deliver a specified number of loans, loan volume or, if applicable, a preferred lender arrangement. In addition, the University will not make interest payments to a federal or private loan lender to lower costs for educational loan borrowers or to prevent default.


Rasmussen University will not permit a private lender to use the name, emblem, mascot, logo, other words, pictures or symbols readily identified with the University in the marketing of private educational loans to Rasmussen students or parents in a way that implies that Rasmussen University endorses the lender’s private educational loans.

Staffing, Training and Technology

Rasmussen University will not permit a lender or guarantor to staff or train University Student Financial Service offices for any reason or at any time unless the assistance is offered, free of charge, through standard materials, activities, programs, workshops or another venue that is designed to improve the services and professional development of the Rasmussen University staff in relation to administration, financial literacy, debt management, default prevention, educational counseling or other related topics.

Statement of Ethical Principles

Rasmussen University adheres to the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrator's Statement of Ethical Principles.

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