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Is an Associate's Degree Worth it? 5 Facts that May Surprise You

Pursuing a degree is a big decision. There’s a lot of examination that needs to be done, but where do you even start? To help you in your research, we discovered five facts about associate’s degrees that may surprise you. Read on to learn why this degree may be the perfect educational option for your career goals.

U.S. Presidents with College Education: From Learners to Leaders

Earning a college degree is not a requirement to become America's commander-in-chief, but history tells us that the vast majority U.S. Presidents valued a college education. This is a list of the U.S. presidents and their college educations, including the schools they attended and the academic degrees they received.

The Future of Your Degree Infographic

Congratulation graduates, you've earned yourself a degree. Now, you might be asking yourself where is that degree going to take you or how much are you going to make throughout your career. To see the future of your degree, check out our infographic below.

A College Degree Is Your Best Asset

When you think about someone with a college degree, you may picture them as the studious type who sits in the library doing research and learning about whatever subject they're pursuing.

Does Education Lead to Happiness?

Ever wonder if there is a correlation between education level and happiness? This infographic examines the relationship between overall happiness and educational attainment...