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5 Things You Won't See in the Medical Administrative Assistant Job Description

You can probably guess that these professionals perform administrative or clerical tasks in hospitals or clinics, often at the front desk in the context of a customer-facing role. But what are some of the more elusive aspects of this career? Check out this article to gain some important insight into the true job description.

Skills You Need to Perform Medical Administration Duties

Medical administration duties can range from data entry and insurance billing to taking X-rays and assisting in patient care. We combed through government information and job-analysis data to identify some of the most common medical administration duties. Keep reading to see if this sounds like the career you’ve been seeking!

What is Medical Administration?

Watch the latest "What Should I Do With My Life" video series which shares information about medical administration degree programs and career paths.

Common Elements of a Medical Administration Job Description

Join the Director of The School of Health Sciences at Rasmussen College and host Allie Gray Freeland in the latest installment of the What Should I Do With My Life Video series featuring information about a medical administration job description.