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Why Bedside Manner Matters in Nursing (& How You Can Improve Yours)

Nurses must be experts in the field of medicine, but technical knowledge is no substitute for a nurse’s relationship with their patients. The interaction between patients and nurses is crucial in a patient’s road to recovery. Learn more about the importance of bedside manner.

Top 10 Benefits of Being a Traveling Nurse

The increased demand in healthcare can sometimes be more than a facility can handle. That’s where a traveling nurse comes in—they travel across the country to the places most in need of them. With each new location comes fresh challenges, people and adventures.

Nursing Burnout: Why It Happens and How to Avoid It

Many nurses and nursing students can experience this feeling of burnout because of the rigor and intensity of their work or program. While nursing burnout may be a reality for some, it doesn’t have to define your career. Get advice from seasoned nurses on how to avoid it and focus on the positive.

What Is Holistic Nursing? Healing From the Inside Out

What do holistic nurses do and what does it take to become one? Learn about the ideologies, duties, education and experience needed to become a holistic nurse, and finish this short read with a better understanding of this nursing niche.

Your Helpful Guide to Holiday Gifts for Nurses

Finding gifts for nurses is not always easy. So why not start your shopping with this holiday gift guide specifically designed with nurses in mind. These ideas should get you on track to finding the perfect gift for the nurse in your life.