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RN vs. Physician Assistant: Diagnosing the Differences

If you’re searching for a job in the medical sector, you may have come across various abbreviations and been confused. What’s the difference between an LPN and an RN? What does a CNA do? What about an NP or a PA? While sorting this out may seem overwhelming, we’re here to help.

How to Become a Registered Nurse: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Knowing how to become a registered nurse (RN) is the first step in fulfilling your career aspirations. This guide will help you figure out each step you need to take so you can earn your degree faster and begin the RN career you’re seeking.

What I Wish Someone Told Me BEFORE Becoming a Registered Nurse

It’s not easy to get a clear picture of a career without speaking to those who’ve walked the walk. So to help, we rounded up nursing experts to tell you what they wish they’d known BEFORE becoming an RN. Read their advice and find out a few lessons they learned along the way.

ADN vs. BSN: Your Guide to Help You Decide on a Nursing Degree

Graduates from ADN and BSN programs both become registered nurses — RNs — upon graduating and passing the NCLEX exam. But what differences come with these degrees? And which degree path is best suited for you? Join us as we explore the ADN vs. BSN debate and see if it sets your wheels in motion.

LPN vs. RN: The Advantages of Being a Registered Nurse

Many students like the idea of becoming an RN, but aren’t sure if they can justify the extra effort, time and money required when an LPN track would put them in the workforce faster. If you’re looking for some tangible reasons to go down the RN path, you’re in luck because there are plenty! We combined government data and expert insight to identify four facts that suggest this is the right route for you.

What is it Really Like to Be a Neonatal Nurse?

Your passion for your own children (or any baby you pass by in the supermarket, for that matter) is drawing you toward a career in neonatal nursing. But it takes more than a love of infants to succeed in this specialty. We gathered the facts about this rewarding position so you can decide if it's the right choice for you.

Ft. Myers Nursing Graduate Finds 'True Calling' in Second Career

Typically, the results of personality or career aptitude tests should be taken with a grain of salt. But, Rasmussen College graduate Patrick Joyce can look back on the results of an aptitude test he took while attending school to become a police officer as a clear sign of his true calling. According to the test results Joyce's top occupational suggestion was nursing, while police officer was around fifth.

Green Bay Nursing Student Begins New Career Despite Life Challenges

Green Bay, Wis., professional nursing student Dana Hainer is more than ready to start her nursing career. She enrolled in nursing school years ago but received a last-minute phone call that would dramatically change the course of her life. The adoption agency she'd been working with for months was calling to tell her that her application was approved and that she could adopt her first child. "I chose to pursue the adoption and put my career on hold," Hainer says. "Little did I know it'd be a long stretch before I could get back to it."