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How Flex Choice Works

Flex Choice learning options allow you to maximize your credits, through a blend of traditional courses, competency-based education or self-directed assessments—all offered in our flexible online format.

Competency-Based Education

Courses delivered in self-paced modules retain the faculty interaction and graded instruction of traditional courses while giving you full control over how you manage your time.

How does a CBE course actually work?

Self-Directed Assessments

These interactive, self-directed assessments are $99 per attempt and help you save even more. These are taken independently online, but academic assistance is available as needed.

Credits for Prior Learning

Maximize your credits and reduce overall costs by bringing in previous college courses,military transcripts and other equivalents such as course waivers and industry certifications.

Advantages of Flex Choice


Adjust your workload to move more quickly or slowly through courses as your family or work schedule changes.

Tuition Savings

At $99, self-directed assessments include comprehensive support materials with faculty coaching assistance to receive college credit for what you already know.


Move through your program more quickly and for some degrees, shorten your timeline to graduation.

At Your Pace

Move faster through concepts you know and take more time on new, challenging content.


How It Works

See how Flex Choice can help you earn your degree.

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Flex Choice is designed for students like you, who…

Are motivated.

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Want to solve real-life problems.

Have college experience.

Are eager to learn more.

Seek out help when needed.

Plan ahead and follow through.

Know their strengths and weak­nesses.

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Flex Choice was the differentiation for me when I was looking at a number of different colleges. That was one of the big appeals. Flexibility is huge when your time for school is limited to after work and on the weekends.

— Mike Goettl, Flex Choice student

FAQs: Flex Choice

How Is Competency-Based Education Different Than A Traditional Or Online Course?

CBE is a flexible way for students to get credit for what they know, build on their knowledge and skills by learning more at their own pace, and earn high-quality degrees that help them in their lives and careers. In short, CBE programs allow students to show what they know as soon as they know it—which means student learning is measured by the demonstration of skills and competencies, rather than hours spent in a classroom.

What Is The Difference Between Self-Paced Courses And Self-Directed Assessments?

Both formats are flexible, online and taken alongside traditional courses. But there are a few key differences. In self-directed assessments, a student goes through interactive activities to earn badges. These courses are self-directed, yet have an instructor available when needed, and appear as a test-out on a student’s transcript. CBE courses differ from these assessments primarily in that they are financial aid-eligible but also because students earn a grade and their credits are based on modules with defined competencies that cover real-world projects. With CBE, you have more faculty interaction and can apply the skills you have and master the skills you need.

What Is The Learning Experience Like In A CBE Course?

Competency-based education (CBE) courses align with the same learning goals as traditional courses—meaning students will be asked to master a skill or skills and prove their knowledge by completing a course project.

At Rasmussen College, each CBE course is led by a faculty member and delivered in an engaging online platform. When a student logs into their course and to review their course learning plan and the competencies that lie ahead, the first thing they will see is the course project. The course project allows students to apply each skill or knowledge area to a real-world setting with a problem to solve.

How do I get credit for prior learning?

Credit for Prior Learning may be earned through course waivers, challenge exams, industry certifications, Advanced Placement (AP)courses, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, military experience and American Council of Education (ACE) recommended courses. To see a full list of eligible Credits for Prior Learning, visit the Rasmussen College Transfer Policy.

How Do Flex Choice Courses And Assessments Save Me Time And Money?

Self-directed assessments, which are taken in place of traditional courses, are only $99 per attempt. Taking advantage of these options allows for optimal program cost savings.

Flex Choice courses and assessments allow you to move at your own pace. You can speed up or slow down as your schedule allows. This means you can take the time you need to get through a challenging week in a traditional course or focus on responsibilities at work or home. Then you can speed back up when you feel ready.

Who Can Take Flex Choice Courses?

For Bachelor’s degree-completion students, Flex Choice competency-based education is available for all our School of Business Bachelor’s degree-completion programs, our School of Health Sciences Health and Wellness Bachelor’s degree-completion program and our School of Technology Computer Science Bachelor’s degree-completion program.

For students at the Associate’s degree level, competency-based education is available for the Business Management and Early Childhood Education Associate’s degrees.

Flex Choice self-directed assessments are available for students in all Associate's and select Bachelor's degree programs as well as the Practical Nursing Diploma program. It is not available for the Health Sciences Associate's degree program or to students pursuing their second Bachelor's degree through the Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing entrance option.

What Courses And Assessments Are Available?

Students enrolled in our Flex Choice hybrid competency-based education programs are automatically scheduled with a blend of traditional and competency-based courses. CBE courses are available both within major areas of study and for General Education. Example CBE courses include: The Psychology of Social Media, Strategic Management, Visual Communication in the Media, Organizational Behavior Analysis, and Contemporary Leadership Challenges

Self-directed assessments are available in many subject areas and at both lower- and upper-division levels. When you enroll at Rasmussen College, your adviser will identify the Flex Choice self-directed assessments that apply to your degree program.

To see a full list of Flex Choice self-directed assessments, visit the the Rasmussen College catalog section titled "FLEX CHOICE CREDIT BY ASSESSMENT OPTIONS."

How Does Flex Choice Fit Into My Program?

Flex Choice courses are designed to be taken alongside your traditional courses. You can move more quickly or slowly through the course to accommodate your life at home and work. For our Flex Choice hybrid programs, your adviser will schedule you into a blend of traditional and CBE courses. CBE courses are to be taken alongside your traditional courses, and must be completed within a standard 12-week term.

Is There Anyone To Help Me If I Need It?

Yes. Rasmussen College offers traditional courses and competency-based education courses in a unique hybrid format—but both course types include faculty interaction in a highly engaging platform. A faculty member provides feedback on your work and is available along the way to help in any area you might need assistance.

Whether your question is related to academic content, technology or time management, Flex Choice faculty are there to guide and support you in the CBE courses. Our advisors help you plan when to take Flex Choice courses in your program.

You can also get live help on technology and online learning issues 24/7/365 from the Personal Support Center (PSC).


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