Cash-Related Careers: 10 Jobs that Deal with Money

Cash-Related Careers: 10 Jobs that Deal with Money

You’ve always been good with money. Whether that meant creating a workable budget for a project, calculating change, or meeting a savings goal, you feel comfortable dealing with cash. This valuable skill sets you apart from many people who struggle to manage money. So why not put your strong financial sensibility to work?

Working with money can take the shape of many different professions and offer opportunities to work in a number of exciting fields. Some financial careers involve working with software and computer systems, others require you to work mostly with people as an advisor or manager. Whatever your unique interests are, we’ve compiled information from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) to highlight 10 growing professions to consider if you enjoy managing money.

10 Jobs that deal with money worth career consideration

Whether it’s literally handling cash or dealing with money in a more abstract form, these careers give you an opportunity to put your money management and mathematical skills to good use.

1. Accountant

Accountants are responsible for the preparation, maintenance and analysis of important financial records.1 They monitor assets, tax liability, profits and losses, and create reports to ensure that organizations run efficiently. Accountants frequently work with computer systems to enter data and process information. This role requires both numerical sense and the ability to navigate complicated tax and regulatory guidelines.

Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree or higher1

2018 Median annual salary: $70,5001

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2. Auditor

Auditors conduct very similar work to accountants. Where an accountant works for an individual or organization on a daily basis, auditors are brought in to perform quarterly or annual reviews or if there is a critical situation such as suspected fraud. Auditors review and analyze financial records and prepare reports recommending changes in an organization’s operations and financial activities. 

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Education needed (DOL): Bachelors’ degree or higher1

2018 Median annual salary: $70,5001

3. Personal financial advisor

Personal financial advisors work with clients to assist them with their financial goals. They draw on their knowledge of areas such as tax and investment strategies, insurance, and real estate to answer clients’ questions and recommend financial plans and strategies. This is an excellent role for anyone who enjoys advising clients face-to-face and financial problem-solving.

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Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree1

2018 Median annual salary: $88,8901

4. Compensation and benefits manager

Compensation and benefits managers develop and manage an organization’s employee benefits. They are well versed in government rules and regulations in order to create programs and packages that are competitive and in compliance with legal requirements. Additionally, they create policies and procedures for employee recruitment, testing and placement. This management-level position plays a pivotal role in employee retention and happiness as well as the overall financial health of an organization.

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Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree or higher1

2018 Median annual salary: $121,0101

5. Loan officer

Loan officers conduct a detailed review of an applicant’s financial status, credit and property to recommend approval for commercial, real estate and credit loans. They advise customers on terms and types of loan and credit options available to them. This role requires a mix of sales skill and financial teaching ability. This is because they often need to convince applicants their institution is the best place to apply for a loan while also walking applicants through their options and what the financial implications of a loan’s term may mean for them.

Our article, “What Is a Loan Officer? Evaluating This Career in Finance,” can provide additional insight.

Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree1

2018 Median annual salary: $63,0401

6. Loan interviewers and clerks

Loan interviewers and clerks interview and investigate loan applicants. They verify an applicant’s background and references and send a complete report to the loan officer. Loan interviewers and clerks may also be responsible for communication with applicants about the status of their application. Many of these professionals work in roles related to home mortgages and real estate. If you’ve ever bought a house, you know there’s quite a bit of important documentation and information to have squared away before a sale is completed—loan interviewers and documentation clerks are the people who help keep the process moving.

Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree preferred1

2018 Median annual salary: $39,8901

7. Credit analyst

Credit analysts calculate the level of risk involved with lending money or extending credit. They utilize computer software to create an accurate portrait of a customer’s financial status and prepare a report which will be used to decide whether or not to lend money or extend credit. These business professionals play a key role in determining the likelihood of a loan being profitable.

Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree1

2018 Median annual salary: $71,5201

8. Financial analyst

Financial analysts use data to predict business, industry or economic conditions in order to make investment recommendations to public or private institutions. Financial analysists have extensive knowledge of economics and accounting and frequently utilize analytical software. They may also put together presentations and reports for their employers. The work of financial analysts is one of the key inputs for investment decision makers—they’re keenly aware of the market signals that drive the daily fluctuations in stock exchanges around the globe.

Looking for more? Our article, “What Does a Financial Analyst Do? Beyond the Numbers,” goes further in-depth.

Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree or higher1

2018 Median annual salary: $85,6601

9. Sales manager

Sales managers oversee an organization’s sales team as they deliver a product or service to customers. Sales managers develop training programs and set goals for the sales team. They closely monitor profit margins in order to set sales schedules and available discounts. Costumer complaints are brought to the sales manager, requiring them to have expert customer and personal service skills. 

Education needed (DOL): Bachelor’s degree preferred1

2018 Median annual salary: $124,2201

10. First-line supervisors of retail sales workers

First-line supervisors of retail sales workers work in a wide variety of retail environments overseeing retail sales employees. They work closely with sales workers to direct activities such as taking inventory, reconciling cash receipts and providing customer service. They often handle customer complaints or disputes and ensure quality control of the retail products. These supervisors often have profitability goals that require careful management of labor costs and other expenses to stay on track.

Education needed (DOL): High school diploma or higher1

2018 Median annual salary: $39,6301

What’s your next step into the business world?

As you can see, many of these jobs that deal with money require some fairly advanced financial knowledge. Your natural sense for finance and budgeting is a great start, but for many of these roles you’ll likely need a college education. Learn more about some of the different degree options available to you with our article, “The Beginner’s Guide to Different Types of Business Degrees.”

1Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, [accessed October, 2019] Information represents national, averaged data for the occupations listed and includes workers at all levels of education and experience. Employment conditions in your area may vary.

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